The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is a non-profit, grassroots membership organization with headquarters in Washington, D.C., and CAIR chapters across America.

CAIR was established to promote an accurate image of Islam and Muslims in America, believing that misrepresentations of Islam are most often the result of ignorance on the part of non-Muslims and reluctance on the part of Muslims to articulate their case.

How does CAIR carry out its mission?

Media Relations
We work with media professionals around America to help shape an accurate image of Islam. CAIR activists also monitor the local, national and international media to challenge negative stereotypes of Islam and Muslims.

Conferences and Seminars
We organize conferences and seminars for media professionals, government officials and the academic community. These events are designed to present otherwise unavailable information about Islam and Muslims.

A variety of publications addressing the needs of Muslims in America are offered to opinion leaders and the public. We also publish a quarterly newsletter Faith In Action. CAIR also produces practical handbooks, such as “Hajj and Ramadan Publicity Kits,” for use by Muslim leaders and activists.

Action Alerts
CAIR issues action alerts to local communities as a means of promoting local activitism and generating a grassroots response on important issues. We believe local response is a key factor in making our voices heard.

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