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Dr. Ashqar’s Sentencing Has Been Moved to September

CAIR-Chicago Reacts to Salah Sentencing

Please Attend Muhammad Salah Trial Sentencing

Mr. Mohammad Salah and Dr. Abdelhaleem Ashqar, codefendants in the case of United States v. Salah, will be sentenced this Wednesday and Friday, respectively.

Please Attend as Final Witnesses Testify in the Muhammad Salah Trial

The Muhammad Salah trial is in its final days, please attend to show your support for due process, anti-torture, and just application of the law. This case marks the first where an American court has allowed the prosecution of an American citizen based on an admission obtained under torture in a foreign country and in a language the defendant does not understand.

The Muhammad Salah Trial Schedule for December 18 – 22, Please Attend

The Muhammad Salah trial is open to the public. Your courtroom attendance is encouraged.

The Muhammad Salah Trial is in Session

The Muhammad Salah trial is open to the public. Your courtroom attendance is encouraged.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 7; Get Out the Vote!

If you are a registered voter in the State of Illinois, don’t forget to vote! Polls are open from 6 am to 7 pm on Election Day so you can vote before you go to work, school, or your way home!

Voter Registration Deadline is Tuesday, October 10, 2006!

Are you a U.S. citizen over the age of 18 and have not registered to vote? The deadline to vote in the Illinois Primary Elections is fast approaching. In fact, the last day to register is Tuesday, October 10, 2006.

Chicago Sun-Times Relentless in Anti-Islam Cartoons

A few days ago, members of our media monitor team were quite disturbed to note the publication of the above cartoon portraying the Prophet Muhammad, yet again, as a violent hooligan. The editorial cartoon indicates that it is the Chicago Sun-Times position that Islam is a violent religion.

Ask Post Offices to Stock Eid Stamps

(CHICAGO, IL – 9/28/06) CAIR is asking members of the American Muslim community to contact local postmasters and request that they stock the stamp commemorating Eid ul-Fitr and Eid ul-Adha when it is re-issued on October 6, 2006, as part of the “Holiday Series.” In past years, there have been reports that the Eid stamp was unavailable in some post offices

CAIR-Chicago Urges People to Stand Up Against Police Torture

CAIR-Chicago is urging all people of conscience to fight police torture this Friday!

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