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A New & Exciting Partnership Between Us & You

CAIR-Chicago is a grassroots organization; therefore, it makes full sense for its work to be funded through a grassroots support network. This new initiative is a simple partnership between us that will cost you just $1/day and will make all the difference in the world for the future of the Muslim community in Chicago.

Guilty Plea Satisfies Suburban Muslim

Amal Abusumayah says Valerie Kenney, 54, complained loudly in a Tinley Park grocery aisle about a November shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas. Police say Kenney also pulled on Abusumayah’s headscarf.

Tinley Woman Pleads Guilty for Hate Crime

A southwest suburban woman who was charged with a hate crime against another woman pled guilty Tuesday and was sentenced to probation and mandatory anger management and diversity understanding classes, according to the office of Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez.

How YOU can Help Immigration Reform TODAY

Yesterday, Congressman Luis Gutierrez and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus introduced their immigration reform bill, aptly titled the “CIR ASAP Act.” Its the first bill to provide a comprehensive plan, and clearly lays out many of the realistic solutions that we have been pushing for.

Join Interfaith Vigil on International Human Rights Day – Dec. 10th

Join the Jewish-Muslim Community Building Initiative (JMCBI) and other allies of faith on this day to emphasize the call of our faith traditions to welcome immigrants into our society.

Woman charged in Fort Hood-related hate crime: Pulling a headscarf

Two days after the Fort Hood shootings, a Tinley Park, Ill., woman grumbled about the massacre and tugged the headscarf of a US-born Muslim woman, Amal Abusumayah, standing in line at a local grocery store.

Hate crimes against Muslims hit ‘Midwest Americana’ in Tinley Park

Tinley Park has been the scene of two recent incidents targeting Muslims. Two days after the Fort Hood shootings, a Tinley Park woman allegedly yanked the head scarf off a local Muslim woman and made derogatory comments. A day later, a Muslim family found derogatory graffiti on their Tinley Park home.

Muslims frustrated by focus on religion in Fort Hood shooting

As investigators grapple with the questions following the Fort Hood shootings, they examine a possible correlation between Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan’s religious beliefs and Thursday’s shooting spree, Chicago Muslim organizations and academics not only fear retribution, but are frustrated by a perceived public demand to apologize for or explain one individual’s maniacal acts.

ACTION ALERT: Pressure University of Chicago to Drop Olmert Speech

Olmert was prime minister during Operation Cast Lead in which Israel Defense Forces killed more than 1,400 Palestinians and wounded more than 5,300. Olmert is also responsible for implementing the siege on Gaza, now well into its third year. The siege has plunged more than 80 percent of the population into abject poverty.

Fired Palestinian instructor sues Chicago college

A Palestinian Muslim instructor fired from a Chicago college sued for discrimination. Suriya Smiley sued Columbia College Chicago Monday in federal court after she was fired in January when a student accused her of making anti-Semitic remarks in class.

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