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ACTION ALERT: Call DuPage County to Support Mosques Seeking Permits

Call the DuPage Country Board and show your support for: the Islamic Center of the Western Suburbs (ICSW), the Muslim Education and Cultural Center of America (MECCA), and the Irshad Learning Center (ILC).

Make your voice heard and make a difference!

ACTION ALERT: Call Senator Kirk About DREAM Act Vote – NOW!

The DREAM Act is finally being put to a vote in the Senate TOMORROW, and it’s going to be a very close vote.

Our IL. Senator, Mark Kirk, is saying he will vote NO on the bill. That is why you must contact him and demand he do what is right for America. Demand that he vote YES.

Call Senator Kirk About DREAM Act Vote Today

The DREAM Act is finally being put to a vote in the Ill. House, and possibly later in the Senate today. The DREAM Act aims to create a pathway to citizenship for thousands of young students who were brought to the United States years ago as children.
Call your local representatives and ask them to support the DREAM Act!

Know Your Rights if Asked to
Undergo New TSA ‘Enhanced Pat-Downs’

In light of the growing concerns about the invasiveness of the new enhanced pat-down procedure, CAIR-Chicago offers recommendations to Muslim travelers.

Action Alert: Rally Against Attack on Iraqi Church – MONDAY

Ahmed Rehab, Executive Director of CAIR-Chicago said, “We feel sickened by this attack, and will not be silent. Those who perpetrated these cowardly murders cannot purport to call themselves men of God or men of faith.”

CAIR-Chicago Voter Guide

CAIR-Chicago has compiled a list of Illinois candidates and the seats up for grabs this Tuesday, November 2nd.

Reminder: VOTE TODAY!

Exercise your right to vote! Polls are open from 6:00am-7:00pm. Find your polling place here:

Voting Information

CAIR-Chicago shares information about voting, where to go and what to expect.

Action Alert: Join CAIR-Chicago and ICIRR for Immigrant Democracy Day

The immigrant community is at a crucial crossroads in Illinois. This year we will elect a new Governor and Senator to our state- two offices that have very important authority over immigration and fiscal resources for the immigrant community. Join us for Immigrant Democracy Day and cast your early vote!

Action Alert: Challenge DuPage County’s Proposal to Restrict Religious Land Use

DuPage County is on the verge of passing sweeping restrictive zoning and land use ordinances which will have an adverse impact on all religious institutions.

Here are some of the proposed changes and what you can do to challenge them.