Request a “Know Your Rights” training by CAIR-Chicago

Do you know your rights? Request a “Know Your Rights” training by CAIR-Chicago at your local mosque, community center or place of worship.

“Know Your Rights”: Encounters with FBI and Law Enforcement

This article is the first in a summer series of “Know Your Rights” pieces that detail essential civil liberties that are granted to U.S. citizens.

ACTION ALERT: Tell your Senators to oppose the legalization of propaganda!

The “Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2013″ bill passed in the House on May 18th, and is now going to the Senate for a vote. Contact your Senators and stop this bill!

Litigation Director Kevin Vodak wins citizenship case

CAIR-Chicago’s Litigation Director Kevin Vodak recently won a naturalization court case for a Muslim American whose citizenship application had been denied by USCIS.

USA TODAY: Proposed mosques spark opposition in some U.S. communities

CAIR-Chicago’s Litigation Director, Kevin Vodak, comments on the struggles of the Irshad Learning Center and the opposition to proposed mosques in the U.S.

ACTION ALERT: Support SB 1064 – keep private prisons out of Illinois!

The Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) is proposing the construction of a detention center in Crete, IL to house federal immigration detainees. CAIR-Chicago is asking you to contact your representatives to let them know you support the ban on private prisons!

ACTION ALERT: Tell your Senators to oppose CISPA!

On Thursday April 26th, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, or CISPA (HR 3523) by a vote of 248 to 168. The bill will now move to the Senate for a vote, and we are urging you to contact your Senate representatives to help stop the bill!

Profiling injustice: The End Racial Profiling Act

Last week, the U.S. Senate hosted a congressional hearing on the End Racial Profiling Act – a bill that would eliminate racial, ethnic and religious profiling by federal, state or local law enforcement officials.

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Ahmed Rehab to speak at human rights demonstration – Sat. April 28th

CAIR-Chicago Executive Director Ahmed Rehab will be speaking at Amnesty International’s annual Get On The Bus for Human Rights demonstration this Saturday.

SOPA and PIPA’s new face threatens civil liberties

CISPA has nearly the same threats to privacy that were introduced in SOPA/PIPA, but even more. In addition to violating rights of privacy and internet usage, the CISPA bill contributes to a growing trend of stripping American citizens of their civil liberties.

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