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CAIR-Chicago to Host French Scholar

Continuing its partnership with the International Visitors Center of Chicago, CAIR-Chicago will host a scholar from France on April 29, 2008.

CAIR-Chicago Communications Coordinator to Speak at Marquette University on Faith Based Activism

WHAT: Faith Based Activism: Muslim Americans Today

CAIR-Chicago Communications Coordinator to Speak at Roosevelt University on Women’s Rights in Islam

WHAT: “Women’s Rights in Islam” Lecture and Discussion

Join CAIR-Chicago at May Day March

May Day is synonymous with International Workers’ Day, or Labor Day, which celebrates the social and economic achievements of the labor movement such as the recognition of the eight hour work day.

CAIR-Chicago Sensitivity Speaker to Lecture at Loyola – Understanding Islam and Muslim Students

CAIR-Chicago Sensitivity Training Coordinator, Veronica Zapata will be lecturing on the subject of “Understanding Islam and Muslim Students” as a part of a new course at Loyola University set to begin April 5, 2008. The course aims to increase the understanding of non-Muslim educators and intellectuals throughout the Chicagoland area and nearby suburbs.

CAIR-Chicago Civic Engagement Workshop at Bosnian-American Community Center

CAIR and the Bosnian-American community representatives will provide an informational workshop on community development, voting empowerment opportunities and its effects, and the purpose of the Bosnian-American Advisory Council on Bosnia and Herzegovina in Washington D.C.

CAIR-Chicago to Co-Host Workshop on “Know Your Rights and the FBI” at Mosque Foundation

The session will inform the community of their rights when they are approached by law enforcement, particularly the FBI, for questioning. CAIR-Chicago will discuss what its Civil Rights department has seen while representing Muslims in FBI interviews, what the government says the purpose of such interviews are, and what the effects of participating in such [...]

CAIR-Chicago to Welcome Cleric Delegation from Kosovo and Macedonia

WHAT: Continuing our efforts to connect with Muslims from around the world and enhance a mutual understanding of Islam within American society and culture, CAIR-Chicago partners with the Institute for Training and Development (ITD), based in Amherst Massachusetts, to host 18 Muslim clerics and scholars from Kosovo and Macedonia WHEN: Monday, March 24, 2008 WHERE: [...]

CAIR-Chicago Executive Director to Speak at CAIR-New Jersey Banquet

Congressman Keith Ellison will be the key note speaker for CAIR-NJ’s 2008 Annual Banquet. Ahmed Rehab, CAIR’s National Strategic Communications Coordinator and CAIR-Chicago’s Executive Director will be a guest speaker.

Communications Coordinator to Join Remy Bumppo Theatre Think Tank Presentation “the InSecurity Blanket”

This March 6 – 20 the Remy Bumppo Theatre will explore the tension between national security and individual freedom through modern classics, world premieres, hip hop and more.

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