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FOX Chicago: Chicago Muslims Outraged by Rep. Walsh’s Comments

On Friday, August 10th, CAIR-Chicago along with the Chicago Muslim and interfaith community held a press conference to demand that Rep. Joe Walsh retract and apologize for his insensitive remarks about Islam and Muslims.

Daily Herald: Suburban Muslims say they’re becoming “punching bag” for GOP

Suburban Muslims are refuting claims made by Congressman Joe Walsh about the growth of “radical Islam” in the suburbs, saying instead that their religion is increasingly becoming a “punching bag” for Republicans.

Huffington Post: Joe Walsh – Muslims In America, Radical Islam ‘A Threat’ More Now Than After 9/11

Walsh’s most recent self-admittedly politically incorrect statements have outraged the state’s Muslim communities, who say he’s directing hate speech at a minority group.

WBEZ: Chicago Muslims denounce Congressman Walsh remarks

Muslims in Chicago are denouncing remarks by Republican Congressman Joe Walsh, who said there are radical Muslims in this country who are “trying to kill Americans every week.”

Chicago Sun-Times: Religious figures denounce Rep. Walsh’s comments on Muslims, demand apology

Christian and Jewish figures in Chicago joined a coalition of Muslim groups Friday in denouncing a comment by U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.), who told a town hall gathering Wednesday in Elk Grove Village that some radical Muslims in this country are “trying to kill Americans every week.”

PRESS CONFERENCE on Rep. Joe Walsh’s anti-Muslim statements

On Friday, August 10th, the Chicago office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Chicago), along with members of Chicago’s Muslim and interfaith communities, will hold a press conference to respond to Congressman Joe Walsh’s anti-Muslim statements made at a recent town hall meeting.

Thank you for making our 4th Annual “Taste of Ramadan” a success!

Over 500 people shared a Ramadan iftar at CAIR-Chicago’s downtown office on the night of Tuesday, August 7th. Read about and view pictures of our annual event!

WBBM Newsradio: Taste of Ramadan at CAIR-Chicago

WBBM Newsradio’s Bob Roberts reports. Some attendees wolfed down pizzas, chips and sodas, while others dined on more exotic dishes from around the world.

CBS 2: Hundreds Turn Out To Break Fast After Sundown During Ramadan

The month-long Muslim observance of Ramadan continues, and hundreds of people broke the daily fast after sundown the fast in the offices of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

FIRSTPOST: CAIR-Chicago Celebrates ‘Taste of Ramadan’

After a day of fasting, hundreds of Chicago Muslims celebrated a taste of Ramadan. They gathered at the Chicago office of the Council on American Islamic Relations to enjoy dishes from around the world.