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“A Child’s View From Gaza”

A collection of artwork created by children across Gaza depicting life under occupation has been the subject of controversy and censorship in recent years. Armed with magic markers, crayons, and pencils, the children of Gaza have unleashed their most powerful weapon yet: honest yet brutal images depicting life under occupation through the lens of a child.

Khandahar Massacre: Excuses and hypocrisy in media portrayal

On March 11, 2012, 17 civilian lives were lost in three homes in three different locations in Panjwai district – the villages of Alkozai and Najeeban and another settlement known locally as “Ibrahim Khan Houses.” When reports first came out that this mass murder was a result of a rogue U.S. soldier, Staff Sergeant Robert Bales- everyone wanted to find out why he had done this.

CAIR-Chicago presents “Understanding Islamophobia” at Purdue University

On Tuesday, April 3rd, CAIR-Chicago’s Executive Director, Ahmed Rehab and Staff Attorney, Rabya Khan, presented “Understanding Islamophobia: Free Speech and Bigotry ” at Purdue University in Calumet, Illinois. Rehab engaged students with a discussion about dispelling stereotypes Islam and Muslims, highlighting the problems of hate and racism.

WTTW Chicago Tonight: CAIR-Chicago’s Ahmed Rehab on NATO’s role in global politics

On April 5th CAIR-Chicago’s Executive Director Ahmed Rehab discussed NATO’s role on global politics and what it’s alliance means today in an interview on WTTW Channel 11′s Chicago Tonight.

Solidarity and support for Shaima Alawadi

As the investigation continues into the brutal killing of American-Muslim Shaima Alawadi, Americans from all backgrounds stand in solidarity with the victims of crimes fueled by hate.

Moving of G8 summit fails to move protestors

Although Obama relocated the G8 summit from Chicago to Camp David, activists still plan to protest the NATO summit. The G8 summit was planned to take place on May18 and 19 and May 20 and 21 for the NATO summit, since last summer. Activists readied themselves to protest the lack of efforts by these organizations until Obama announced the transfer of the G8 summit. Activists believe the summit was moved for one reason: fear.

NYPD spying ignites discrimination and inequality for Muslims

Muslims continue to be the target of hate, fear, and racism causing them to become victims of acts of blatant discrimination and inequality. Muslims have encountered spying, being singled out, and have been deprived their freedom of speech.

ACTION ALERT: Petition to dismiss Zuhdi Jasser as Commissioner on the USCIRF

CAIR-Chicago is calling on community members and people of conscience to sign a petition for the removal of Zuhdi Jasser as Commissioner on the Commission on International Religious Freedom, (USCIRF). Jasser allies himself with and receives funding from anti-Muslim organizations and personalities who work tirelessly to curb the religious and civil liberties of Muslims in the USA.

CAIR-Chicago Outreach Coordinator teaches how to make an impact

North Park University proudly named CAIR-Chicago’s Outreach Coordinator Gerald Hankerson, “Man of Excellence” on March 22nd commemorating his years of activism and commitment to outreach service. Hankerson visited with North Park University students to discuss his life of activism and service to the communities across Chicagoland.

Saint Xavier University learns about Muslim media representation

What’s wrong with the way Muslims are portrayed in the media? Where do biases and stereotypes stem from? What does popular culture have to say about Muslim women? CAIR-Chicago communications coordinators Aymen Abdel Halim and Leena Saleh answered these questions and more in a presentation on March 21st at Saint Xavier University.

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