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Daily Herald: Muslim group sues Des Plaines for denying religious center

The Daily Herald reports on the American Islamic Center’s lawsuit against the city of Des Plaines for its refusal to approve a zoning permit for its religious and educational institution.

Chicago Sun-Times: Police trainer’s class canceled after group calls him ‘bigot’

A state law-enforcement board and Lombard officials canceled plans for anti-terrorism trainer Sam Kharoba after a Muslim advocacy group labeled him a “Muslim bigot” and claimed he would be “promoting hate.”

Chicago Tribune: Police training called ‘anti-Muslim’ canceled

Amid protests from a Muslim civil liberties group, local police training officials have called off an anti-terrorism course for officers scheduled for Monday in Lombard that was to have been taught by an instructor the group regards as anti-Muslim.

Daily Herald: Lombard cancels police training after protests

A police counterterrorism training seminar in Lombard was canceled Friday following objections from an Islamic group who have called the main presenter an “anti-Muslim bigot.”

Houston Chronicle: Suburban police cancel anti-terrorism trainings

Suburban Chicago authorities canceled a class over objections from advocacy group claiming the trainer and his teachings are anti-Muslim.

The Sacramento Bee: CAIR asks law enforcement to drop anti-Muslim trainer

The Chicago chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations called on Illinois law enforcement authorities to drop Sam Kharoba, a notorious anti-Muslim bigot, as a counterterrorism trainer.

Anchorage Daily News: Suburban police cancel anti-terrorism trainings

The Cair-Chicago office is protesting against Sam Kharoba’s trainings stating his teaching materials contain inaccuracies and stereotypes.

Chicago Sun-Times: Muslim advocacy group objects to anti-terrorism trainer

A Chicago Muslim advocacy group is calling on the Illinois Terrorism Task Force and others involved with law enforcement training here to drop Sam Kharoba from an anti-terrorism training program, dubbing him “a notorious anti-Muslim bigot.”

WGN-AM: Local Muslims call for dismissal of counter-terrorism trainer [AUDIO]

WGN-AM 720 spoke with CAIR-Chicago’s Executive Director, Ahmed Rehab, about the trainings scheduled with local police from known anti-Muslim bigot Sam Kharoba.

Critical praise for racial profiling: Responding to Hedy Weiss

Jamil Khoury of Silk Road Rising responds to a review by Hedy Weiss, a Chicago Sun-Times theater critic, in which she advocates for racial profiling to prevent terrorism.

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