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CLTV: CAIR-Chicago files lawsuit against city of Des Plaines [VIDEO]

CAIR-Chicago announced on Monday, September 16 that it has filed a lawsuit on behalf of the American Islamic Center against Des Plaines, IL. CLTV Evening News reports.

ABC7: Muslim center files suit against Des Plaines [VIDEO]

ABC7 reports on the lawsuit filed on Monday, September 16th against the city of Des Plaines.

WBEZ 91.5: Islamic group sues city of Des Plaines for discrimination [AUDIO]

WBEZ’s Shannon Heffernan reports on CAIR-Chicago’s recent case filed on behalf of the Bosnian American Islamic Center against the city of Des Plaines.

Chicago Tribune: Muslim group says Des Plaines zoning denial violates religious freedom

A Bosnian Muslim congregation filed a federal lawsuit Monday against Des Plaines and five aldermen, alleging they violated its religious freedom when they denied permission to convert a vacant office building into a community center and Muslim house of worship.

NBC5: Muslim Group Sues Des Plaines for Denying Community Center

A Muslim organization has sued a suburban Chicago community for allegedly violating its rights to freedom of religion by denying it permission to open a community center.

Chicago Sun-Times: Islamic group sues Des Plaines for rejecting planned mosque

The Chicago Sun-Times covers the recent controversy in Des Plaines over the city’s denial to issue a zoning permit to the American Islamic Center.

Des Plaines Journal: Bosnian Muslim Group Sues Des Plaines

The American Islamic Center of Chicago filed a lawsuit in federal court against the city of Des Plaines claiming the city violated its Constitutional rights by denying a zoning amendment to open a Bosnian Islamic religious and community center.

Associated Press: Islamic center sues Des Plaines for discrimination

The Associated Press reports on a lawsuit filed against the city of Des Plaines for refusing to approve a request for a zoning permit to the American Islamic Center.

Daily Herald: Muslim group sues Des Plaines for denying religious center

The Daily Herald reports on the American Islamic Center’s lawsuit against the city of Des Plaines for its refusal to approve a zoning permit for its religious and educational institution.

Chicago Sun-Times: Police trainer’s class canceled after group calls him ‘bigot’

A state law-enforcement board and Lombard officials canceled plans for anti-terrorism trainer Sam Kharoba after a Muslim advocacy group labeled him a “Muslim bigot” and claimed he would be “promoting hate.”