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Daily Herald: Elgin event aims to break stereotypes about Islam

“Who Is My Islamic Neighbor?” takes place on May 19,2013 at Elgin Community College. It will include speakers Gerald Hankerson, outreach coordinator for the Chicago Council on American-Islamic Relations, and Mariam Nasser, a teacher at Elgin Academy.

Rusty Humphries Show: Ahmed Rehab shares Muslim community’s reactions to the Boston bombings

Listen to Ahmed Rehab on the Rusty Humphries Show talk about the Muslim community’s reactions to the Boston bombings.

WBEZ 91.5: Ahmed Rehab urges caution when discussing Chechen suspects [AUDIO]

In this hour-long radio interview, Ahmed Rehab joins WBEZ staff to discuss reactions to the Boston Marathon bombings.

WGN 9: CAIR-Chicago cautions Muslims of possible retaliatory violence and harassment [VIDEO]

At a news conference on Friday, April 19th, CAIR-Chicago Executive Director reiterated the Muslim community’s sympathies for the victims of the Boston bombings and cautions the Muslim community of possible retaliatory acts.

FOX 32: Chicago Muslims condemn violence in Boston [VIDEO]

FOX 32 reports on the CAIR-Chicago news conference where Chicago Muslims reiterated their condemnation of the violence of the Boston bombing attacks.

CLTV: CAIR-Chicago hosts news conference on Boston bombings [VIDEO]

Ahmed Rehab speaks at CAIR-Chicago’s news conference on Friday, April 19th about the heinous acts of violence in Boston and the retaliatory acts of violence against Muslims since.

ABC 7: Ahmed Rehab denounces generalizations about Muslims [VIDEO]

At an April 19th press conference hosted at CAIR-Chicago, Executive Director Ahmed Rehab asks the American public not to judge the entire Muslim community based on the actions of the individual culprits of the Boston Marathon bombings.

CLTV: Ahmed Rehab shares his perspective on Boston bombings [VIDEO]

In this live interview, CAIR-Chicago’s Ahmed Rehab talks about how the Muslim community has wholly condemned the heinous acts of violence in Boston, and asks Americans to be careful not to make generalizations about the entire Muslim community based on the actions of individuals.

Chicago Sun-Times: Chicago Muslims hoping Islamophobia doesn’t rise in light of Boston attacks

The Chicago Sun-Times reports on the Friday’s press conference concerning CAIR-Chicago’s response to the Boston bombings.

Chicago Tribune: Muslims guard against backlash

The Council on American Islamic Relations again offered sympathy to victims of the Boston Marathon bombing on Friday, but added a plea for Americans not to generalize and conclude that Muslim teachings influenced the suspect in any way.

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