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Daily Southtown: Accused Palos Heights man released on $30,000 bail

A Palos Heights man accused of helping illegally funnel money to Iraq during the 12 years between the two U.S. invasions there was released on $30,000 bail Monday.

The Electronic Intifada: Suppressing critics of Israel: The campaign against Norman Finkelstein

In recent weeks a considerable amount has been written and said about Norman Finkelstein’s bid for tenure at DePaul University. As most academics are aware, it is unique for a tenure decision, something that is an inherently internal process, to be subject to external discussion.

Chicago Tribune: U.S. says local man sent cash to Iraq

A Palos Heights man appeared Thursday in federal court in Chicago after he and four other men were indicted on charges of financial crimes involving an Islamic charity they once operated.

Religion News Service: Depts of Justice, Homeland Security Receive Religion Training

WASHINGTON — The departments of Justice and Homeland Security have begun training employees to better understand and protect the civil liberties of American Muslims, Sikhs and other minority ethnic and religious groups in the wake of Sept. 11.

Daily Southtown: More battles ahead

Attorneys for Mohammed Salah, who was acquitted of racketeering charges last week, have vowed to keep working to clear the name of the Bridgeview man deemed a terrorist by the federal government and to help his family lead a normal life.

Chicago Tribune: Bridgeview mosque cheers Salah verdict

Moments after learning that Muhammad Salah was cleared Thursday afternoon of federal charges of helping to fund terrorism, Abubakr Meah rushed out of the Mosque Foundation in Bridgeview grinning and waving a thumbs-up to a passing vehicle.

Chicago Tribune: Seeking timeout for prayer

As the Ohio State Buckeyes pummeled the Northwestern Wildcats on Ryan Field last November, senior Amir Siddiqui and his friends slipped below the bleachers, removed their shoes and knelt on pieces of poster board to pray.

La Crosse Tribune: Uphold American Pluralism

Richard Haling’s letter to the editor, “Fight Them in Iraq, not here.” (La Crosse Tribune, Dec. 29) is an embarrassment to American pluralism. Haling’s letter shows a disturbing confusion regarding the difference between Muslims and terrorists.

Chicago Tribune: Fresh media presentation

It was great to see images reflective of American Muslims in the coverage of the “Hyde Park haircut hub on the move” (Page 1, Dec. 27). It’s a much-needed breath of fresh air from the prevalent media presentation of Muslims in contexts of strife, grief or conflict.

Chicago Tribune: Expressing faith should be seen as just that

Chicago — In “U.S. will survive one hand on Koran” (Commentary, Dec. 13), columnist Kathleen Parker opted to endorse Dennis Prager, a popular talk-show host and columnist, who has widely been identified from all sides as intolerant and a bigot.

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