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BBC World: Ahmed Rehab on the BBC’s HARDTalk (TRANSCRIPT/VIDEO)

Recently, CAIR-Chicago’s Executive Director, Ahmed Rehab, was on a “transatlantic dialogue” tour of the UK where he was a guest on the BBC World’s flagship program, HARDtalk.

ABC-7 News: CIOGC/CAIR-Chicago on Pope’s Turkey Trip (TRANSCRIPT/VIDEO)

Cheryl Burton: ABC 7′s Leah Hope talked to the local Muslim leaders about his trip and she has reaction for us today, Leah.

NBC 5 News: Executive Director Comments on the Pope’s Visit (TRANSCRIPT/VIDEO)

Warner Saunders: The Pontiff is trying to bridge cultural and religious gaps he’s also trying to diffuse tensions. NBC 5’s Charlie Wojciechowski has reactions from religious leaders right here.

Chicago Tribune: Readers’ faiths merit discussion

How does a secular newspaper look at organized religion and address issues of faith and spirituality?

Radio Islam: Sultan Muhammad and Amir Haq Interview US Airways National Spokesperon, Evicted Imam

National debate sparked concerning religious and racial profiling of American Muslims following the detainment of 6 Imams and the subsequent refusal of US Airways to allow the men to rebook flights to their destination, despite having cleared FBI security screenings on Monday November 20th.

The Phoenix: A hateful hoax: LUC student cleared of charges

The post-9/11 world has been characterized as rife with racial profiling, whether justified or not, in the name of national security concerns. Loyola University Chicago sophomore Osamah Abdallah learned this first-hand after being falsely accused of plotting a terrorist attack.

Chicago Parent Magazine: Deciding the fate of faith

Michelle Olson isn’t aware of it yet, but she’s headed for a double dose of Sunday school.

ABC 7 News: Imams detained in Minneapolis (TRANSCRIPT/VIDEO)

A plane is detained at the gate of the Minneapolis airport. Inside — six Muslim scholars are taken into custody and questioned for hours. Muslim groups across America are outraged and asking for investigation.

Medill News Service: Al Jazeera draws hundreds to fledgling online cable network

Subscriptions to Northbrook-based, an on-line digital cable news network created in April, skyrocketed Wednesday by almost 1,500 in response to the launch of the Al Jazeera English-language channel on the company’s network. Prior to this, averaged five to six new subscribers daily.

Chicago Maroon: Experts Debate Islam

Spectators packed Hutchison Commons last Wednesday night to hear renowned Islamic scholar John Esposito’s talk entitled “Understanding Islam in the Modern World,” organized by the Muslim Students Association (MSA).

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