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Reuters: Minnesota Muslims in culture clash at airport

MINNEAPOLIS (Reuters) – For Mahamed Jama, a Minnesota taxi driver, the Islamic restriction on drinking alcohol is a seamless rule for life.

“He who carries alcohol, he who drinks and he who sells it are the same thing,” he says.

That belief could affect his livelihood.

Illinois Alumni Magazine May/June: Acts of Faith Eboo Patel Works Toward a World where Religions are Respected

Eboo Patel ‘96 LAS has the radical idea that people from other religions shouldn’t kill each other.

“Why are religious extremists getting to young people before we do?” he asked. “Why don’t we build a different pattern, a pattern of religious pluralism?”

Chicago Tribune: Thoroughly modern Muslims

While most Muslim Americans overwhelmingly condemn suicide bombings and other forms of Islamic extremism, according to an unprecedented poll unveiled today, 13 percent of Muslim youth endorse suicide bombings as an acceptable way to defend their religion in certain circumstances.

The Free Lance-Star: Time for a break from the neocons

WASHINGTON–History has shown on more than one occasion that what might be clear to most of us may not seem so obvious to the Bush administration.

Medill Reports: To B or Not to BYOB

Ever wonder why some restaurants on Devon Avenue are BYOB and others balk when you pull out a bottle?

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Middle East Times: Freedom is not spelled ‘feardom’

Is it possible for Muslim Americans to criticize our administration’s neoconservative foreign policies, our government’s complicit role in Israel’s illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories, or our domestic breaches of civil liberties, and not be branded as “apologists for terror?”

Daily Herald: Sides recharge on immigration issues

On the eve of a critical month for immigration issues, activists plan a wave of marches, unity vigils and lobbying to try to sway Congressional support for reform this year.

Daily Herald: How banks make Islamic ‘no interest’ rule work

Islamic home lending is a thriving business at the few U.S. banks offering Shariah-compliant, no-interestfinancing.

Herald News: Religious forum set to tackle violence

JOLIET — A local forum will seek to address violence in today’s world by giving representatives to the three monotheistic religions of the Old Testament an opportunity to discuss their religion and answer questions from the audience.

Chicago Tribune: Racism can be unequal offender

Here is an interesting point to ponder: What if Don Imus had referred to a mostly white women’s basketball team as “dumb blond hos.” Would it have been any less racist or sexist than the comment he used against a mostly black team?