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Letter to the Editor – Real problems and real solutions

The recent Huffington Post opinion piece by Joyce Dubensky entitled “The Real Muslim Problem,” is a great example of what we need in mainstream media – new, and often overlooked perspectives regarding Islam and Muslims.

Framing Terrorism: When Word Choice Speaks Volumes

The way in which a story is told through the use of specific terminology is crucial to the impression it leaves upon its audience. For this reason, the Chicago Tribune’s recent coverage of five Cleveland men who attempted to blow up a highway bridge is problematic.

Khandahar Massacre: Excuses and hypocrisy in media portrayal

On March 11, 2012, 17 civilian lives were lost in three homes in three different locations in Panjwai district – the villages of Alkozai and Najeeban and another settlement known locally as “Ibrahim Khan Houses.” When reports first came out that this mass murder was a result of a rogue U.S. soldier, Staff Sergeant Robert Bales- everyone wanted to find out why he had done this.

Kony 2012: How would the media report on Joseph Kony if he was Muslim?

The way in which KONY 2012 is being reported illustrates a clear bias and double standard in reporting. The crimes that Kony and the LRA have committed are acts of terror and should be labeled as such.

Steve Huntley misrepresents the facts on Palestine / Israel

In his opinion piece, “Palestinian state would expel Jews”, Steve Huntley of the Chicago Sun-Times skews the realities of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict by ignoring international law and crucial historical events.

Chicago Sun-Times: Letter to the editor – Stop the NDAA

Communications intern Aabeda Masra’s published letter to the Chicago Sun-Times regarding their lack of coverage on the National Defense Authorization Act.

Sun-Times: U.S. oversteps boundary

I read Neil Steinberg’s Oct. 3 column, “Suddenly they trust Obama to kill people.” I appreciate that he pointed out that the murder of Anwar al-Awlaki’s violates the Constitution.

Daily Herald: Cal Thomas Israel Column Ludicrous

The Sept. 21 opinion piece in the Daily Herald, “Israel’s future under siege from U.N.,” by Cal Thomas was inflammatory and illogical.

Daily Herald: Don’t blame religion for terrorism

Terms like “radical Islam” reflect negatively on a peaceful religion. The terrorists who recognize themselves as Muslims are not true followers of the religion as Islam condemns the killing of innocents. Therefore, the term “Islam” should be avoided in the discourse of terrorism and 9/11.

The Denial of Islamophobia

Faux liberal and pro-occupation advocate, New Republic editor Martin Peretz is back at it again. Last fall, he caused a firestorm with his racist comments that “Muslim life is cheap”. On Monday, he dished out some raw Islamophobia-denial in a gullible column entitled “The Invention of Islamophobia.”