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Demonizing Journalists: The Corporate Media’s Bias Against the Arab World

CNN’s recent decision to fire their Senior Middle Eastern Affairs Editor Octavia Nasr showcases the mainstream, corporate media’s bias against the Arab world.

SUN-TIMES: Conflict in Israel, Palestine is political –
– not religious

Amina Sharif writes, “The conflict in Israel and Palestine is political, not religious. It is not between Jews and Muslims; it is between the government of Israel and the people of Palestine (who are Muslim and Christian).

“In reality, many Jews — even in Israel — sympathize with the Palestinians and criticize their own government’s policies toward Gaza and the West Bank.”

Israel’s kind acts in Haiti create double-standard

In his op-ed Nasatir highlights the amazing efforts by Jews in America and Israel in the humanitarian crisis in Haiti and for this, I truly commend them. But what about the humanitarian crisis in Palestine? Israeli checkpoints violate Palestinians’ basic human rights by denying medical vehicles and services. This contrasts sharply with Israel generously building a hospital in Haiti.

Public Prayer is Universal

Thank you, Neil, for you intelligent, informed article “Fear and loathing in the cat food aisle” (Dec. 13). I am appalled by the attitude of the letter writer who said she wanted to physically assault three Muslim women praying in a Costco, and your response that “hating other people is like taking poison and expecting someone else to die” is right on target.

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Sun-Times: Steinberg is on point

I was pleasantly surprised to find myself in complete agreement with Neil Steinberg’s column, “Before you generalize about the major.”

Thank Sun-Times’ Neil Steinberg for Positive Article

Thank Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg and the paper’s editors for Neil’s brave and heartfelt article, “Before you generalize about the major”, which criticizes those who are implicating Muslims in the wake of the Fort Hood shootings. Read the article and find their email addresses here.

Sun-Times: Hate crimes hurt groups

“Hate crimes are designed to hurt an entire group of people and therefore should receive extra attention,” said CAIR-Chicago Communications Intern, Nicholas Short.

Survey proves bias stem from ignorance

Thank you for printing your Sept. 10 article “Survey: Muslims face a lot of bias,” featuring a Pew Research Center study on growing tolerance by Americans toward Muslims. This piece brings awareness to the fact that Muslims all over America have often been victims of discrimination.

Portrayal of Islam

I was disappointed that the letters you chose to run in response to your Aug. 22 editorial “The burquini ban” expressed an extremely inaccurate portrayal of Islam. Sharia actually condemns forced marriages and so-called “honor killings.”

Fanatic, or terrorist?

I was surprised that your article on Jose Flores, who described himself as a Christian priest after hijacking a jetliner, does not call Flores a terrorist (“Police nab jet hijacker in Mexico,” Sept. 10, 2009).