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Executive Director Ahmed Rehab Comments on US Action Against ISIS on ABC 7 [VIDEO]

As US starts to become more involved in the fight against ISIS, CAIR-Chicago’s Executive Director, Ahmed Rehab, points out the other forces in the region the US still turns a blind eye to. See more videos by following our channel on YouTube CLICK HERE


Now we would like to present the public release of the film for your viewing pleasure!

Fox 32 Chicago: Ahmed Rehab responds to controversial billboard in Chicago[VIDEO]

An anti-snoring billboard, showing an American soldier embracing a Muslim woman, is creating a buzz in Chicago’s River North neighborhood.

Yahala Voice: Gerald Hankerson interview about “Taste of Ramadan”

Check out this interview with Outreach Coordinator Gerald Hankerson and Yahala Voice about the “Taste of Ramadan” Iftar.

Naperville Television 17: Irshad Learning Center moving into Naperville

Naperville Television 17 reports on the current status of the Irshad Learning Center’s developments in the Naperville community.

CAIR-Chicago opens new downtown center! [VIDEO]

We are proud to announce the opening of CAIR-Chicago’s brand new activism center in the heart of downtown Chicago, located at 17 N. State.

Columbia Chronicle: Anti-Muslim sentiment reigniting the flames

The recent release of anti-Islam movie “Innocence of Muslims” and anti-Muslim advertisements in New York City’s subway system have caused rage among Muslims in the Middle East. The Chronicle interviewed local Muslims at the Downtown Islamic Center and CAIR (Council on American-Islam Relations) Chicago and asked for their reactions to it.

Chicago coalition speaks out against the bloodshed in Syria

United Coalition of national and local Syrian-American and Muslim-American organizations joined by Chicago family members of those Killed spoke at a press conference held at the CAIR-Chicago office, on August 27, to discuss steps to end the bloodshed in Syria.

Intern Graduation Photos/Video – Join Us!

CAIR-Chicago would like to thank and congratulate its summer 2012 interns for being a spirited, dedicated, and driven team of budding professional activists.

MEDIA DIGEST: CAIR-Chicago’s reaction to anti-Muslim attacks in Ill., Governor Pat Quinn Speaks Out

CAIR-Chicago gave numerous interviews on different media venues addressing the recent anti-Muslim attacks in Morton Grove and Lombard, Ill., while also receiving a statement from governor Pat Quinn, condemning the attacks.

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