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Thursday, May 24, 2018  
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Feature 364 CAIR-Chicago Salutes Fallen Officers at CPD's Annual Vigil
CAIR-Chicago | Sept.24.09

CAIR-Chicago joined hundreds of police officers, family, and friends to honor the 540 fallen officers who have been killed in the line of duty, and to recognize the 15,520 members of the Chicago Police Department.

Feature 363 Outreach Coordinator Presents at CAIR-CA's Youth Program on the Capitol
CAIR-Chicago | Sept.24.09

CAIR-Chicago's Outreach Coordinator Gerald Hankerson recently presented at the 5th Annual Muslim Youth Leadership Program (MYLP) in Sacramento, much of which took place in the California State Capitol building.

Feature 362 100 people, 30 dishes, 20 cuisines at CAIR-Chicago's Office Iftar! [PHOTOS]
CAIR-Chicago | Sept.14.09

See pictures of CAIR-Chicago's first annual "Taste of Ramadan" Potluck Iftar and Cook-off. You can also read the full menu which details which country each dish came from.

Feature 361 Communications Coordinator Presents at Annual Muslim Convention
CAIR-Chicago | Sept.15.09

Sharif delivered a workshop entitled “How to be an Effective Media Spokesperson.” The seminar offered practical tips on how to communicate with media and produce stories that positively relate to American Muslims.

Feature 360 Boko Haram Fringe Group Distorts Role of Religion and Education
Mohammad Abdeljalil | Sept.08.09

"The media's reporting on Boco Haram as an “Islamic” group is misleading. The group's animosity towards education wholly contradicts Islam’s teachings and historical legacy which emphasizes the pursuit of knowledge," says Communications Intern Mohammad Abdeljalil.

Feature 359 ACTION ALERT: Join Immigration Vigil Today and Thru Sept.
CAIR-Chicago | Sept.08.09

Support CAIR-Chicago and other individuals of conscience today, and all through September, in making comprehensive immigration reform a priority in Congress.

Feature 358 United We Serve: Chicago Muslims Answering the Call
CAIR-Chicago | Sept.02.09

CAIR-Chicago and MYLS are joining thousands across the country this summer in answering President Barack Obama’s call on all Americans to participate in our nation's recovery and renewal by serving our communities.

Feature 357 Remembering Ted Kennedy:
A Champion of Truths

Gerald Hankerson | Aug.28.09

"Kennedy offered examples of ways we could all champion for our country and its future," writes CAIR-Chicago Outreach Coordinator, Gerald Hankerson, in his tribute to the late Senator Edward Kennedy.

Feature 355 MYLS Congratulates Its Summer 2009 Participants
Suada Kolovic | Aug.27.09

This past week marked the end of the Muslim Youth Leadership Symposium’s (MYLS) summer program, Breakin’ Out: Implementing Proactive Change. The program was designed to inspire and motivate young Muslims to advance their communities through service projects.

Feature 354 Two Takes on the French Burqini Controversy
T. Smerko, H. Ahmed | Aug.20.09

In this debut edition of Opinion Corner, Thibaud, a French-American intern at CAIR-Chicago, and Hebah, an activist in the Muslim community, express unique perspectives on the French Muslim woman who was denied access to a pool because she was wearing a full-body swim.

Feature 353 CAIR-Chicago Files Discrimination Complaint on Behalf of Palestinian Muslim
CAIR-Chicago | Aug.20.09

CAIR-Chicago Staff Attorney, Kevin Vodak, filed a complaint in federal court this week on behalf of a Palestinian Muslim man who allegedly suffered discriminatory work conditions and unfair termination by his employer.

Feature 352 Meet Our New Staff Members
CAIR-Chicago | Aug.20.09

CAIR-Chicago is proud to welcome our new Operations Coordinator, Hiba Hammadi, and our Web Solutions Fellow, Nizam Alavi. Read about them, as well as our other staff members, here.

Feature 351 Youth Coordinator Reflects on Philippines Youth Leadership Program
Mokaram Rauf | Aug.18.09

CAIR-Chicago Youth Coordinator, Mokaram Rauf, visited the Philippines recently as a part of the U.S. State Department sponsored Philippines Youth Leadership Program (PYLP). Read Mokaram's reflections on the trip and on the merits of this exciting initiative.

Feature 350
Apply For Fall & Winter Internships
Meet Our Summer Interns!
CAIR-Chicago | Aug.11.09

CAIR-Chicago’s internship program offers students and activists a great opportunity to learn and grow in a professional, friendly and diverse environment.

feature 349 Congressmen, Civil Rights Leaders Urge Obama to Deliver Immigration Reform
By Kolovic and Parlock | August.04.09

U.S. Representatives Luis Gutierrez, Danny Davis, and Mike Quigley join civil rights leaders and sign onto letter urging President Obama to take decisive action on comprehensive immigration reform this year.

feature 348

SEE Related Stories:
ABC-7    Chicago Tribune    CBS 2
Associated Press    Daily Herald
Historic Victory for CAIR-Chicago, Arab-American Officer awarded $200K
Sun Times | July.28.09

CAIR-Chicago client, Officer Yasin, said that he feels a sense of relief and vindication. "I served my country in uniform with dignity and honor and felt betrayed that my service would be met by some of my fellows with racial slurs, harassment and ridicule," Yasin said. "This is not what our country is about."

feature 347 Rehab Discusses Controversy Surrounding Hizb ut-Tahrir Conference
FOX News | July.20.09

Executive Director Ahmed Rehab clarifies that Hizb ut Tahrir is a marginal organization not representative of the mainstream Muslim community and explains that the vast majority of Muslims value capitalism, citizenship, and civic engagement.

feature 346 Attend Sheriff Discrimination Trial, Support Officer Yasin
CAIR-Chicago | July.20.09

CAIR-Chicago is representing Officer Abraham Yasin who was repeatedly harassed by fellow officers, and is seeking justice for the violation of his rights. Please support Officer Yasin by attending the trial.

feature 345
READ Related Story in The Washington Times
The Islam-Basher and the Librarian Kerfuffle
Huffington Post | July.14.09

Read Ahmed Rehab's detailed account of how the ALA mishandled the controversy surrounding its panel on Islam, and find out how Islamophobe Robert Spencer tries to pass off his prejudices as academic scholarship.

Islam-Basher Will Not Speak at Library Association Conference
CAIR-Chicago | July.12.09

With anti-Muslim bigot Robert Spencer as the only remaining panelist, the ALA canceled the panel on "dispelling stereotypes" entirely. CAIR-Chicago continues to urge ALA decision makers to engage legitimate community representatives in future endeavors that directly affect their communities.

Library Group Panelists Withdraw Over Role of Islam-Basher
CAIR-Chicago | July.11.09

All remaining panelists dump event to protest invitation to bigot Robert Spencer. Coalition of 50 Muslim organizations joins call to drop Robert Spencer as speaker. UPDATE: Panel cancelled.

CAIR-Chicago Asks Library Group to Drop Anti-Muslim Bigot From Panel
CAIR-Chicago | July.09.09

In a letter to the American Library Association, CAIR-Chicago likens the invitation of notorious Islamophobe Robert Spencer to inviting an anti-Semite onto a panel that aims to dispel stereotypes against Jews.

feature 344 CAIR-Chicago Takes Religious Discrimination Case to Court
CAIR-Chicago | July.09.09

The Muslim man, a former employee of Affiliated Computer Services Inc., allegedly faced discrimination by co-workers based on his race and religion. In one incident, an abusive employee sprayed aerosol cleaner into the Muslim worker's eye.

feature 343 CAIR-Chicago Files Discrimination Complaint on Behalf of Muslim Bank Employee
CAIR-Chicago | July.01.09

Staff Attorney Kevin Vodak filed a complaint in federal court today on behalf of a Muslim woman who claims to have suffered harassment at her workplace based on her religious beliefs.

feature 341 LISTEN: Anti-Apartheid Hero Reflects on Struggle for Human Rights
Linda Qatanani | June.26.09

Listen to audio clips of human rights leader Ahmed Kathrada as he sits with CAIR-Chicago members to discuss lessons to be drawn from South Africa’s anti-Apartheid movement.

feature 341

Also Listen to Interview on
Fox-Radio's John Gibson Show
Op-Ed: Sarkozy Denies Personal Freedoms by Condemning the Burqa
Huffington Post | June.25.09

"Is there a real difference between France or Turkey forcing women to remove their veils, and Saudi Arabia or Iran forcing them to keep them on?" writes Rehab in an opinion editorial.

feature 340
The State of Surveillance in Chicago and the Nation
CAIR-Chicago | June.24.09

CAIR-Chicago Staff Attorney Kevin Vodak calls for an end to racial profiling and intrusive surveillance without probable cause or any oversight.

feature 339
Op-Ed: Peace Punk'd by Netanyahu, Where's Ashton Kutcher?
Huffington Post | June.17.09

"It's time Netanyahu stops pandering to his country's extreme right wing factions and gets serious about peace while the window of opportunity remains open," writes Rehab.

feature 338
Join Interfaith Vigil for Immigration Reform
CAIR-Chicago| June.16.09

CAIR-Chicago is joining with leaders from across local religious communities in support of making comprehensive immigration reform a priority on President Obama's agenda this year.

feature 337
CAIR-Chicago Rallies Support for the Employee Free Choice Act
Charlena Cleveland | June.15.09

CAIR-Chicago – along with other chapters nationwide – has partnered with Interfaith Worker Justice to rally support for the act, which ensures the ability of workers to form unions without harassment and intimidation.

feature 336
Media Digest: CAIR-Chicago Comments on Obama's Speech to the Muslim Majority world
CAIR-Chicago | June.07.09

Watch videos, listen to audio clips, and read articles from ABC, NBC, CNN, AP, AFP, Alan Colmes, Tribune, and more as CAIR-Chicago comments on the impact of Obama's recent speech in Egypt to the Muslim majority world.

feature 335

Also see Rehab's piece
Obama speech in Cairo pleases American Muslims
Chicago Tribune | June.04.09

"He acknowledged the genuine challenges and aspirations of Muslims ...and showed genuine good will on behalf of the U.S. by referencing contributions of Islam and respect for Islam’s creed," said Ahmed Rehab, Executive Director of CAIR-Chicago.

feature 334 CAIR-Chicago mourns the deaths of people without families, friends
Nicholas Short | June.01.09

CAIR-Chicago Outreach Coordinator Gerald Hankerson, who spoke on behalf of the Muslim community, said, “This is truly an honorable event that should send out the message that every life is precious, every person should be buried with dignity.”

feature 333

SEE CAIR's Press Release
on NYC Terror Plot
Op-Ed: Islam Not to Blame for Bronx Terror Plot
Huffington Post | May.25.09

"Say what you will about the recently exposed Bronx Terror Plot, but please, do not insult our intelligence (and your own) by weaving fantasy scenarios of how Islam is somehow to blame for criminalizing the terror suspects," writes Rehab in an op-ed for the Huffington Post.

feature 322 Rehab Discusses NYC Terror Plot on Fox News Radio (LISTEN)
Alan Colmes' Liberaland | May.22.09

"This is something that Muslims and Islam condemn severely and the Muslim community has been quick to condemn this with no uncertain terms." Rehab goes on to clarify misconceptions of Islam and explain the true meaning of Jihad.

feature 331 CAIR-Chicago Hosts Discovery Event at Local Mosque
CAIR-Chicago | May.22.09

Participants attended the educational immersion as a part of the Elderhostel program, which provides extraordinary learning adventures for people 55 and over.

feature 330 Board Chairman Zarzour to MC Zakat Foundation Fundraiser
CAIR-Chicago | May.19.09

Generous and compassionate people of all faiths and backgrounds are invited to attend Zakat Foundation's first "Solidarity through Generosity" event to raise awareness of its domestic and international relief and development programs.

feature 329 Saying Goodbye to Civil Rights Hero William Moffitt
Christina Abraham | May.14.09

Moffitt established himself as a leader in the legal community and a champion of civil rights; his character and integrity that made him an inspiration to civil rights activists across the nation. CAIR-Chicago mourns his passing.

feature 328 Op-Ed: Do Not Be Fooled by Al Zawahiri
Huffington Post| May.11.09

"I think I speak for most Muslims around the world and certainly most Muslims in the United States when I say, 'Mr. Al Zawahiri, we really don't care what you think," writes Rehab in an op-ed for the Huffington Post.

feature 327 Cook County Sheriff Discrimination Trial Moves Forward
CAIR-Chicago | May.08.09

CAIR-Chicago is representing an officer who was harassed by fellow officers about his ancestry and national origin as many as ten times a day, and at least a hundred times for over a one-year period.

Feature 326 Career Hatemonger Steven Emerson Enraged by CAIR-Chicago’s Positive Social Engagement
CAIR-Chicago Anti-Hate Center|

Notorious Islamophobe Steven Emerson is at it again, now attacking CAIR-Chicago’s Civil Rights Director, Christina Abraham for her human rights work with the U.S. State Department. Emerson's smear campaigns consistently target mainstream American Muslim organizations.

Feature 325 Pregnant Woman Reports Harassment and Denial of Service at Chicago Airport
CAIR-Chicago | May.01.09

CAIR-Chicago is assisting a Muslim woman who, while visiting Chicago, was manhandled, forced to miss her flight and charged a $150 fee after being refused service at the airport baggage check. She was 8 months pregnant at the time.

Feature 324 Blank Looks Won't Fix What's Broken
Huffington Post | Apr.27.09

Read Ahmed Rehab's op-ed on last week's protest of Congressman Mark Kirk's discriminatory policies and his critique of Kirk's weak-kneed response to questions on immigration reform.

Feature 323 Join Coalition to Protest Boeing ‘Torture Flights’
CAIR-Chicago | Apr.27.09

Participants are asked to convene at the annual Boeing shareholder’s meeting to demand that the company respond to allegations that it is an active participant in so-called “torture flights.”

Feature 322 Executive Director Speaks at the University of Arizona
CAIR-Chicago | Apr.21.09

Rehab advised the audience not to look at Muslims as a monolith but to learn how to separate the extreme from the mainstream. He also spoke about the need for dialogue, interaction, cross-cultural exchange programs, and self-education.

Feature 321 Over a Hundred Protest Congressman's Anti-Immigrant, Discriminatory Policies (VIDEO)
CAIR-Chicago | Apr.16.09

Immigrant rights activists and community leaders rallied outside the City Club of Chicago to protest Congressman Mark Kirk’s policies, while inside, Ahmed Rehab questioned him on his controversial stances on immigrant issues.

Feature 1 Join CAIR-Chicago at the Charitable "March for Babies"
CAIR-Chicago | Apr.14.09

The event helps bring awareness to infants born prematurely and to infant mortality and raises money for programs that ensure mothers have healthy, full-term pregnancies. Sign-up to join our team!

Feature 319 View Latest Civil Rights Digest
CAIR-Chicago | Apr.10.09

CAIR-Chicago's Civil Rights Department reports on the progress of recent cases involving accommodation, criminal offense, the government, education, and employment and other types of discrimination.

Feature 318 Man Unjustly Fired - CAIR-Chicago Attorney Settles Case
CAIR-Chicago | Apr.07.09

CAIR-Chicago Staff Attorney Kevin Vodak settled a case of employment discrimination on behalf of a man who believed he was terminated from his job because he is Muslim.

Feature 317 Civil Rights Director Appointed to International Human Rights Tribunal
CAIR-Chicago | Apr.02.09

Christina Abraham was recently appointed as a member of the BRussells Tribunal Advisory Board, an international hearing committee that addresses human rights issues.

Feature 316 Groups Condemn Hate Speech by Republican Candidate to 5th Congressional District Seat Rosanna Pulido
CAIR-Chicago | Mar.31.09

"Divisive language that propagates racism and intolerance is counterproductive for someone seeking to lead the people of our great state as a public official," said Government Affairs Coordinator Reema Ahmad.

Feature 315 Communications Coordinator Delivers Lecture on the History of Muslims in America
CAIR-Chicago | Mar.26.09

Communications Coordinator Reem Rahman delivered a lecture at Loyola University this week on the history of Muslims in America dating to before the 16th century, a story intimately connected to the continuous struggle to ensure freedom and dignity within the United States.

Feature 314 Gallup Poll Finds Muslim Americans Exemplify Diversity
Nicholas Short | Mar.24.09

A recent poll conducted by the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies has uncovered significant data that defies stereotypes and common misperceptions of American Muslims.

Feature 313 Islam, the Beret, and Cultural Piracy
Chicago Crescent | Mar.18.09

Rehab discusses how Islam is a global faith, not a regional one. Thus, when it comes to choosing attire, Islam's criteria is value-based and not culture-specific.

Feature 312 CAIR-Chicago Co-hosts Night of Jewish-Muslim Artistic Expression
CAIR-Chicago | Mar.18.09

CAIR-Chicago, as part of the Jewish-Muslim Community Building Initiave, hosted another successful Cafe Finjan, were locals artists displayed their works reflecting spirtual identity.

Feature 311 Muslim Student wins “Lincolnland Legend” scholarship
Chicago Crescent | Mar.11.09

Read excerpts from an award winning essay about CAIR Chicago’s Ahmed Rehab. Each contestant wrote about someone who they felt has made a difference in society and is a role model for the youth.

Feature 310 CAIR-Chicago Thanks Supporters for Record-Breaking Banquet! [PHOTOS]
CAIR-Chicago | Mar.10.09

CAIR-Chicago's board, staff, and volunteer activists would like to thank you for your wonderful support and for making our 5th annual dinner an astounding success.

Feature 309 Lessons from History: Japanese-American Internment and the War on Terror
CAIR-Chicago | Mar.4.09

Civil Rights Director Christina Abraham spoke on a panel at Northwestern Law School this week alongside Adam Schwartz from ACLU-Illinois and Jinah Kim from the Asian American Studies Program at Northwestern University.

Feature 308
Apply For Summer & Fall Internships
Meet Our Spring Interns!
CAIR-Chicago | Mar.4.09

CAIR-Chicago’s internship program offers students and activists a great opportunity to learn and grow in a professional, friendly and diverse environment.

Feature 307 CAIR-Chicago Community Awardees Announced
CAIR-Chicago | Mar.03.09

CAIR-Chicago has selected its community award recipients for 2009: Journalist Roland Martin for the Media Award, Ahlam Jbara for Community Service Award and Dr. Imran Qureshi for the Courage Award. Learn more about the awards and the receipients' work.

Feature 306 Chicago Crescent: With Hope in the Air, Will Hate Radio Suffer?
Ahmed Rehab | Feb.23.09

"The Bush administration’s misguided pursuits could not have been possible without the cacophony of cheerleaders: talking heads and intellectual mercenaries who swarmed America’s newspapers and airwaves day in and day out, fanning the flames of fear and sensationalism with concocted historical revisionism and propaganda."

Feature 305 Obama Administration Upholds Secrecy in Torture Case
Kevin Vodak | Feb.12.09

Staff Attorney, Kevin Vodak, discusses a lawsuit filed by the ACLU on behalf of torture victims that was dismissed under the Bush administration. Rather than reversing the ruling, the current administration and the new Department of Justice uphold the secrecy defense that led to the dismissal.

Feature 304 Civil Rights Director Part of State Dept. Delegation to Philippines
CAIR-Chicago | Feb.11.09

Christina Abraham met with Muslim activists in the southern Philippines where discrimination against Muslims by the government, access to education, and poverty are major concerns.

Feature 303 PHOTOS: Over 100 Welcomed at Open House

Honored guests included students, local reporters, mosque leaders, non-profit partners, scholars, professionals and other community members as they experienced the new space. Check out the photo album!

Feature 302 CAIR-Chicago Participates in MLK Day of Service
By Nicholas Short | Jan.29.09

The spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. was alive and well in Chicago this January as CAIR-Chicago along with seven other organizations honored his legacy by acting to strengthen their local communities.

Feature 301 Beyond the Cease-Fire: What's Next For Gaza?
Ahmed Rehab | Jan.28.09

Read Ahmed Rehab’s commentary on recent events in Gaza and his suggestions on how the international community should begin to foster peace between Israel and Palestine.

Feature 300 Civil Rights Director Speaks at MLK Day Peace Vigil
CAIR-Chicago | Jan.19.09

Read Christina Abraham's remarks delivered at a vigil for the victims of Israeli aggression in Palestine. The vigil, which took place on the birthday of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, invoked the teachings of King that "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

Feature 299 Communications Coordinator Speaks at Rally for Palestine
CAIR-Chicago | Jan.13.09

Sharif told attendees to use the energy catalyzed by the protest and channel it into other modes of action to help Palestine. “The work does not stop after this rally. There is still so much more to be done.”

Feature 298 Media’s Self-Censorship Abets Gaza Atrocities
Ahmed Rehab | Jan.13.09

"What will it take for our media to join much of the world in calling out the blatant human rights abuses committed by the Israeli military machine against the Palestinian people," asks CAIR-Chicago Executive Director Ahmed Rehab.

Feature 297 10 Steps You Can Take to Help Palestine
CAIR | Jan.11.09

CAIR has outlined 10 positive, pro-active steps concerned Americans can take to help end Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip, restore the cease-fire and the flow of humanitarian aid and promote a more balanced U.S. policy in the Middle East.

Feature 296 Mass Rally for Gaza this Friday
CAIR | Jan.08.09

CAIR said in a statement this week, "This unimaginable carnage is being carried out with the political and monetary support of our own government. Elected officials must stand up for justice and demand an end to Israeli war crimes."

Feature 295 PHOTOS: Over 4,000 Chicago Protesters Call for Israeli Cease Fire
CAIR | Jan.06.09

Protesters called for a stop to Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip, the restoration of the cease-fire and the initiation of peace negotiations in the Middle East during the coming year.

Feature 294 CAIR Condemns Arson Attack on Chicago Synagogue
CAIR | Dec.30.08

"This reprehensible attack on a house of worship should be condemned by all people of conscience," said Communications Coordinator Amina Sharif. Sharif spoke with synagogue officials and expressed the Muslim community's sympathy and support.

Feature 293 CAIR Condemns Israeli ‘Massacre’ in Gaza
CAIR | Dec.30.08

The Council on American-Islamic Relations is calling on world leaders to take direct action to end Israel’s counterproductive and wildly disproportionate attacks and to end the humanitarian siege of Gaza.

ALSO SEE: ACTION ALERT: Urge Congress, President to Stop Israeli ‘Massacre’ in Gaza

Feature 292 CAIR-Chicago to Present on Civil Rights in the Philippines
CAIR-Chicago | Dec.27.08

Civil Rights Director Christina Abraham is a part of a state department delegation to the Philippines this January.

Feature 291 CAIR Advocates for Georgia Woman Jailed for Wearing Headscarf in Court
Vocolo Radio | Dec.24.08

"The court's duty is to uphold the rule of law," said Rahman. "Such a blatant violation of our First and Fourteenth Amendment rights to freedom of religion and equal protection is unacceptable."

Feature 290 Immigration raids inhumane
Sun Times | Dec.18.08

Chicago Sun Times publishes CAIR-Chicago intern Short's comments on workplace raids and the need for immigration reform.

Feature 289 CAIR-Chicago Settles Two Headscarf Related Discrimination Cases
Nicholas Short | Dec.16.08

CAIR-Chicago attorneys Kevin Vodak and Rima Kapitan settled two employment discrimination cases last month involving Muslim women and their right to wear the traditional headscarf.

Feature 288 Special Report: CAIR-Chicago in Scotland
CAIR-Chicago | Dec.09.08

A Speaking Tour of 5 Scottish cities by CAIR-Chicago Officials preceded their participation in a Glasgow Conference. Ahmed Rehab Reports on the experience.

Feature 287 CAIR-Chicago, MYLS Join MLK National Service Day 2009
CAIR-Chicago | Dec.04.08

CAIR-Chicago and the Muslim Youth Leadership Symposium (MYLS) will participate in the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Day of Service to honor the civil rights leader's teachings of nonviolence and social justice.

Feature 286 Yale Law School Students Uncover Bush Policy of Ethnic Profiling
Rubina Ali | Nov.27.08

A human rights advocacy clinic at Yale has exposed the Bush administration's failed counterterrorism program, Operation Front Line, and its discriminatory policies.

Feature 285
Apply For Winter & Spring Internships
Meet Our Fall Interns!
CAIR-Chicago | Nov.25.08

CAIR-Chicago’s internship program offers students and activists a great opportunity to learn and grow in a professional, friendly and diverse environment.

Feature 284
Emanuel's apology was right thing to do
Ahmed Rehab | Nov.18.08

"I applaud Rahm Emanuel for doing the right thing by apologizing for his father's disparaging comments about Arabs," Ahmed Rehab wrote in a letter published by the Chicago Sun-Times.

feature283 CAIR-Chicago and Volunteers - Election Day Photo Album
By CAIR-Chiacgo | Nov.14.08

View photos of CAIR-Chicago's Election Day Get Out the Vote campaign. Over 100 volunteers knocked on doors and made phone calls to make sure Chicago-area Muslim made it to the polls.

feature282 CAIR-Chicago Staff & Volunteers Get Out the Vote
By CAIR-Chicago | Nov.07.08

The CAIR-Chicago office was closed on Tuesday as staff members took to the streets to get the vote out. A record number of Chicago Muslims turned out to vote this year.

feature281 New American Democracy Project Registers Over 1,200 New Voters
By Conner and Short | Oct.29.08

CAIR-Chicago, Mosque, Foundation, and the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and refugee rights (ICIRR) joined forces this year to promote voter participation in the upcoming election, and their work has been a resounding success.

feature280 Muslims in U.S. praise Powell's remarks
Chicago Tribune | Oct.24.08

"With many politicians looking the other way out of political expediency, here was someone who called truth to power," said Ahmed Rehab.

feature279 CAIR 2008 Election Website Empowers American Muslim Voters
CAIR | Oct.29.08

The site offers insight into election developments that concern America’s Muslims, key positions of the presidential candidates, examples of anti-Muslim rhetoric from various campaigns, and information on Muslims running for public office.

feature278 Prayer issue draws Muslim group to Nebraska
Associated Press | Oct.22.08

CAIR-Chicago was in Nebraska this past week to document allegations of discrimination for a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). 120 Somali workers at a Swift Plant were fired over the right to pray on their break.

feature277 Muslims fighting citizenship delays may have ray of hope
Daily Herald | Oct.22.08

Since 2005, CAIR-Chicago has documented about 380 cases of citizenship delays in the Chicago-area Muslim community, and filed dozens of lawsuits on behalf of suburban Muslims like Iqbal facing "unreasonable" delays in being naturalized.


SEE Related CNN Story
Identity insults and democracy
CNN- AC360 | Oct.16.08

"Both campaigns as well as the political talking heads ought to send a clear message that no American should have to watch democracy from the bleachers due to their race, ethnicity, or religion," says CAIR-Chicago Executive director, Ahmed Rehab.

Related Story in UA News
Also SEE Other Events in Arizona:
Media Workshop    |    Friday Sermon
Confronting Stereotypes
Lecture at University of Arizona
Countering Misperceptions: Speaker challenges public's stereotypes of Islam, Muslims
Arizona Daily Wildcat | Oct.17.08

"Average Americans do not get information from the proper sources; instead they are casually provided with half-truths and exaggerations," says Rehab. "Dialogue shatters the myth that silence creates."

feature274 CAIR-Chicago.Org Launches in 17 International Languages!
CAIR-Chicago | Oct.13.08

Now users can choose from over 17 different languages when visiting our homepage! Check out the new feature at the top-left of!

Mosque of Villa Park Vandalized for 4th time in less than 2 months
CAIR-Chicago | Oct.13.08

"The crime appears to be a part of a series of suspected bias-motivated incidents targeting the mosque including broken windows and spilled flammable fluid," said CAIR-Chicago Civil Rights Director Abraham.

Greeley Tribune    |    Omaha World News
Rocky Mountain News    |    Denver Post
CAIR-Chicago Defends 120 Muslim Workers Fired From Plant
ABC 7 News | Oct.08.08

"All they want is the right to pray, and it's not an undue burden" said CAIR-Chicago attorney Rima Kapitan on the firing of more than 120 Muslim employees fired last week at the Swift plant in Greeley, Colorado.

feature270 Executive Director Discusses Controversial Anti-Muslim DVD
Public Radio - NH | Sep.26.08

Listen to Ahmed Rehab's critique of the film "Obsession" and its attempt to sway the upcoming election through fear-mongering and hysteria.

feature272 Misguided Letter Shouldn't Have Run
Morris Daily Herald | Sep.28.08

By publishing the hysterical letter the Morris Daily Herald managed to denigrate the entire religion of Islam. Nickels fails to see that Islam and America can and do co-exist, as I and seven million other proud American Muslims are proof.

feature269 Register to Vote Today: Be Part of this Historical Election
CAIR-Chicago | Sep.24.08

CAIR-Chicago is working to mobilize voters for the upcoming election. Learn more about this election's significance and download a voter registration application form right here.

feature268 Outreach this Ramadan - 2008 Digest
CAIR-Chicago | Sep.23.08

During this blessed month, CAIR-Chicago has worked to meet with as many mosques and Islamic centers as possible in the Chicagoland area to provide outreach and seek support for our services.

Chicago Tribune    |    WBBM Radio
CBS 2    |    NBC 5
CAIR-Chicago Defends Sixth Grader Called "Terrorist" By Teacher
ABC 7 News | Sep.16.08

"We're asking the school to properly address the derogatory and discriminatory behavior by a CPS teacher toward her own student in class and to prevent it from happening again," said Civil Rights Director Christina Abraham.

Chicago Sun-Times    |    ABC 7 Clip
Chicago-Tribune    |    Press Statement
Farewell, America’s Imam
A. Rehab for CNN Blogs | Sep.10.08

The Honorable Imam Warith Deen Mohammed was an African-American Muslim spiritual leader, reformer, educator, civil rights advocate, interfaith activist, and an international goodwill ambassador. He died Tuesday.

Burial & Memorial Services Sept. 10-12 - Click for Details

Feature 265 Radical Kahanist Slimes Muslim Kids
Media Monitors Network | Sep.09.08

Notorious anti-Muslim blogger and follower of the late extremist Rabbi Meir Kahane is at it again in his comical crusade to demonize Muslims.

Feature 264 CAIR-Chicago to Attend the “Iftar in the Synagogue”
CAIR-Chicago | Sep.02.08

Muslims and Jews are invited for a unique gathering during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan and the Jewish month of Elul, a time of repentance.

Feature 263 CAIR-Chicago to Library: Adhere to Library Bill of Rights
CAIR-Chicago | Aug.26.08

A fundamental precepts of the First Amendment to our Constitution is that a government entity should refrain in almost every instance from discriminating against speech based on its content.

Feature 262 CAIR-Chicago Hosts Summer 2008 Appreciation Day to Honor Interns, Volunteer Activists and Staff
CAIR-Chicago | Aug.21.08

The event was organized as a way to show gratitude for the dedication and hard work that all of CAIR-Chicago intern and volunteer activists have demonstrated.


Huffington Post Coverage
Over 200 Join CAIR-Chicago and Friends for Café Finjan
CAIR-Chicago | Aug.28.08

Diverse organizations co-sponsored a night of Muslim and Jewish interfaith performances and discussion as a part of a series of interfaith arts exchanges.


Related story in the Chicago Tribune
Public official sends around anti-Muslim email in Frankfort Township
ABC 7 | Aug.14.08

The Muslim-American community is part of the American fabric and these kinds of messages that promote intolerance and suspicion are anti-American, not just anti-Muslim," said Ahmed Rehab.

feature259 Article stereotypes Muslim marriages
Daily Herald | Aug.10.08

Article on controversial Turkish soap opera makes sweeping generalizations about marriage in the Muslim World.


Also: Rehab's Chicago Tribune Op-Ed
Rehab and O'Reilly discuss the resignation of Obama's Muslim Liason
O'Reilly Factor | Aug.08.08

CAIR-Chicago Executive Director Ahmed Rehab appears on the O'Reilly Factor to respond to false allegations against the Obama campaign's Muslim Outreach Coordinator, Mazen Asbahi.

feature257 One Key Muslim Voice - Lost
Anderson Cooper 360 | Aug.06.08

Ahmed Rehab discusses how the resignation of Obama's Muslim Liaison reflects a sad state of affairs in our nation's politics.

feature256 Imam Zaid Keynote at 3rd Muslim Youth Leadership Symposium
CAIR-Chicago | Jul.30.08

The students were excited to meet new peers and share ideas on how to affect change and make meaningful contributions to their communities.

feature255 CAIR-Chicago hosts media workshop at UNITY conference
CAIR-Chicago | Jul.30.08

“It's imperative for journalists to be sensitive to racial stereotypes in order to tell the full stories of our communities, not caricatures of them,” said CAIR-Chicago’s Communications Coordinator, Reem Rahman.

feature254 CAIR-Chicago hosts Telling Our Story Media Seminar
Leena Saleh | Jul.23.08

CAIR-Chicago's Executive Director and Communications Coordinator Share Research and Lead Discussions on Media Relations With Fellow Chicago-Area Muslim Leaders.

feature253 Since When is Muslim a Smear? A Deeper Look at the New Yorker Obama Cartoon
Media Monitors Network | Jul.23.08

When it comes to Islam and Muslims, both ends of the political spectrum are too often equally comfortable with simplistic treatments that end up reducing Islam’s more than one billion followers to caricatures and stereotypes.

feature252 Muslim corrections officer forced out over beard, CAIR-Chicago suit claims
Sun-Times | Jul.21.08

Every lawsuit such as this one is really a test of our nation's cultural and religious understanding and tolerance. We pride ourselves on our respect for the religious traditions of others.

feature251 CAIR-Chicago Sponsors Blood Drive
Joseph Lindahl | Jul.21.08

The blood drive was a part of a program designed to encourage volunteerism in the American Muslim community.

feature250 CAIR-Chicago Welcomes 20 New Summer Interns
CAIR-Chicago | July.11.08

CAIR-Chicago’s internship program offers students and activists a great opportunity to learn and grow in a professional, friendly and diverse environment.

feature249 Discrimination Case Against Macy’s Moves Forward
Mohammad Sagha | Jul.08.08

CAIR-Chicago filed a complaint on behalf of two men who believe they may have been singled out because they were speaking Arabic.

feature248 Muslim Man Wrongfully Terminated, CAIR-Chicago Attorney Settles Case
CAIR-Chicago | June.30.08

A man who was physically attacked after being singled out for his race and religion at work, took his case to court and successfully settled.

feature247 Al-Arian Indicted - Again
Washington Post | June.30.08

"There's growing evidence that the kangaroo prosecution of Professor Al-Arian in fact extends beyond the pursuit of justice and into the realm of vindictive political persecution," said Rehab.

feature246 Obama's apology lessens the snub from Muslim shunning
Sun-Times | June.26.08

"Putting public pressure on politicians to act honorably and live up to this country's promise is a perfectly democratic and American endeavor," said Ahmed Rehab.

feature245 Action Alert: New Airport "Virtual Strip Search" Raises Concern
CAIR-Chicago | June.23.08

A security procedure recently implemented by the TSA scans full-body images of passengers through their clothing, revealing intimate body parts to screeners, resembling a “virtual strip search.”

feature244 Chicago Court Grants Muslim Man Citizenship After Six Year Delay
Chicago Tribune | June.20.08

“USCIS’s allegations stemming from his visits to Iran and identity as a Muslim reflect increasing concerns about discriminatory citizenship practices," said CAIR-Chicago Civil Rights Director Christina Abraham.

feature243 CAIR-Chicago Discusses Muslim Women with Headscarf Barred from Obama Rally
ABC7-News | June.20.08

"No American should be marginalized from our country's political process simply because of their faith," Rahman said.

feature242 PILI Fellows Join CAIR-Chicago Civil Rights Department
CAIR-Chicago | June.18.08

The PILI Fellowship is an international program sponsored by the Public Interest Law Institute (PILI), designed to promote human rights worldwide through public interest advocacy.

feature241 Civil Rights Director Speaks at Chicago Bar Foundation Panel on Legal Advocacy
CAIR-Chicago | June.12.08

Legal advocates representing Chicago's minority groups discussed issues from the economy to immigration and how they were affecting the people that live in Chicago.

feature240 CAIR-Chicago Co-Hosts Jewish-Muslim Working Group
CAIR-Chicago | June.06.08

As part of the Jewish Muslim Community Building Initiative (JMCBI), the diverse interfaith participants discussed ways in which Jews and Muslims can collaborate on social justice issues.

feature238 CAIR-Chicago Participates in United Nations Hearing on Racial Discrimination
CAIR-Chicago | May.30.08

Civil Rights Director Christina Abraham was at the hearing to present cases of discrimination against Muslims in Chicago. It was a rare official visit for the U.N to monitor, advise, and publicly report on racism.

feature239 Rehab Op-Ed in Tribune: The blogger, the chef and the terrorist
Chicago Tribune | May.30.08

How could a chirpy TV host one day awaken to find herself in the middle of a terrorism-related media blitz?

Dunkin' Donuts gives in to racist fears
Sun-Times | May.30.08

"It seems like anti-Arab, anti-Muslim bigoted expression is the last frontier of accepted bigotry," said Ahmed Rehab.

feature237 Dunkin' Donuts pulls Rachael Ray ad after 'scarf' complaints
New York Post | May.29.08

"I think it's a mistake to demonize a single article of clothing," said Ahmed Rehab, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

feature236 Rehab Dispels Charter School Misperceptions on O’Reilly Factor
FOX-News | May.21.08

“I reckon The O'Reilly Factor must be having a really slow news day, because there's really no controversy here whatsoever,” said Rehab.

feature235 Luttwak Does Not Speak for a Billion Muslims
Ahmed Rehab | May.21.08

If Luttwak's rendition of Obama's biography is a little off, then his understanding of Islamic law is downright inaccurate, and his survey of Muslim beliefs and attitudes grossly simplistic.

feature234 CAIR-Chicago Staff Attorney Resolves Employment Discrimination Case
Luke Willson | May.16.08

After years of unfair treatment by his supervisor, which included being passed over for promotions and derogatory treatment, the man pursued legal action with CAIR's help.

feature233 Executive Director Delivers Lectures at Institutions in Cairo, Egypt
Chamandeep Bains | May.13.08

Ahmed Rehab was invited to lecture at the Institute of Diplomatic Studies and the American University in Cairo, Egypt.

feature232 Community Spotlight: Chicago Muslim Teacher Wins Prestigious “Golden Apple” Award
Sandy Abdallah | May.12.08

Awardee Samina Khan believes in building life-long learners who demonstrate integrity, patriotism, honesty, and a passion for inquiry and analysis.

feature231 Muslim group finds town's emergency drill offensive
State Journal Register | May.08.08

The use of a fake 'mosque' in Thursday's drill ultimately harms law enforcements ability to correctly separate valid potential threats from bias.

feature230 Oprah Asks "What Would You Do" When Witnessing Discrimination
Chamandeep Bains | May.06.08

Hidden cameras rolled as each customer reacted to the tense scene and witnessed the clerk refusing service by asserting “…we don’t serve your kind here.”

feature229 Victory in Legal Fight Over Travel 'Watch List'
Luke Willson | Apr.30.08

"If he [Akif] wasn't on the list, why was he getting handcuffed to a chair?" said Adam Schwartz, a lawyer with the ACLU.

feature228 CAIR-Chicago Lecture on Faith Based Activism at Marquette University
Sandy Abdallah | Apr.28.08

“To believe in and work for the common good is a call from all of the world's great religious traditions, and Islam is no different,” said Rahman.

feature227 Join Coalition to Protest Boeing ‘Torture Flights’
CAIR-Chicago | Apr.25.08

The Coalition to Ground Torture Flights will demand that the company respond to allegations that it is an active participant in so-called “torture flights.”

feature226 CAIR-Chicago Chairman at "Peace: Our Hope" Meeting with Pope Benedict
Luke Willson | Apr.22.08

CAIR-Chicago hopes the meeting will mark improved bridge-building and tolerance between the world's two largest faith communities.

feature225 CAIR-Chicago Lecture at Loyola University: "American Muslim Political Activism"
CAIR-Chicago | Apr.15.08

Karim and Zapata addressed the sociology class on the impact Muslim organizations have had in the community.

feature224 Muslim headscarf is all-American
Reem Rahman | Apr.10.08

It is a fundamental feminist conviction for a woman to have control over her own body, and a fundamental American one to protect the freedoms of others, including the freedom of religion.

feature223 CAIR-Chicago Sponsors Official Launch of Muslim Youth Leadership Symposium
CAIR-Chicago | Apr.08.08

"That's what it means to be Muslim," said Representative Keith Ellison, "to want the best for everyone.”

feature222 CAIR-Chicago On Capitol Hill
CAIR-Chicago | Apr.04.08

State offices and senators were engaged to discuss citizenship delays, racial profiling, interfaith relations, and law enforcement relations.

feature221 CAIR-Chicago Co-Hosts "Know Your Rights and the FBI" Community Workshop
Sandy Abdallah | Mar.29.08

"These cases aren’t about guilt or innocence; they’re about citizens’ rights,” said Civil Rights Director Christina Abraham.

feature220 100 Muslim Students Join MYLS Official Launch
CAIR-Chicago | Mar.28.08

The CAIR-Chicago special youth initiative will offer the students an opportunity to learn about leadership, citizenship, and value-based activism.

feature219 CAIR-Chicago Supports “Access to Religious Ministry Act”
Chamandeep Bains | Mar.26.08

The bill is sponsored by Reps. Daniel Burke and Julie Hamos and other members of the Illinois General Assembly.

feature218 CAIR-Chicago Speech at Remy Bumppo Theatre Think Tank Presentation "The InSecurity Blanket"
Sandy Abdallah | Mar.21.08

The “thinkTank” features short dramatic works with a focus on provoking timely conversation about a social, political or economic issue in which Chicago citizens have a stake.

feature217 CAIR-Chicago Sensitivity Speaker to Lecture at Loyola - Understanding Islam and Muslim Students
CAIR-Chicago | Mar.18.08

The course aims to increase the understanding of educators and intellectuals and will cover a brief history of Islam, the fundamental beliefs of Muslims, Muslim demographics in the U.S. and worldwide.

feature216 CAIR-Chicago Partners with ICIRR to Offer New Americans Democracy Fellowship
CAIR-Chicago | Mar.13.08

The New Americans Democracy Project is a five-month fellowship program for young people interested in exploring a career in social justice work and contributing to the participation of new citizens in the American democratic process.

feature215 Advertisers Abandon Radio Shock Jock Michael Savage
by Abdallah & Willson | Mar.12.08

CAIR has come together with a diverse coalition of religious and civic organizations to urge advertisers to boycott Michael Savage’s radio talk show The Savage Nation.

feature214 CAIR-Chicago Civil Rights Director in High School Education Project
by Sandy Abdallah | Mar.07.08

Civil Rights Director Christina Abraham will join a new project to educate high school students about constitutional civil rights.

feature213 Six Muslim Men Experiencing Citizenship Delays are Sworn-In
CAIR-Chicago | Mar.04.08

Six more CAIR-Chicago citizenship delay clients have taken the oath for citizenship in the past two months after lengthy delays in the processing of their applications.

feature212 CAIR-Chicago Fourth Annual Event A Success!
CAIR-Chicago | Feb.28.08

CAIR-Chicago's board, staff, interns, and volunteer activists would like to thank you for your wonderful support and for making our dinner a success.

feature211 Chicago Tribune: Smear Campaign Speaks Volumes About Society
Ahmed Rehab | Feb.24.08

OK, we get the point. Barack Obama is not a Muslim. He has made that clear, time and again. The broader issue is: What does this attempt to smear Obama say about our society?

feature210 CAIR Collects More Than 16,000 Letters on Gaza Blockade
CAIR-Chicago | Feb.26.08

It took just two days for the Center for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to gather over 10,000 letters in response to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

feature209 Chicago Airs “Prince Among Slaves,” Illuminates Early Muslim-Americans in Honor of Black History Month
CAIR-Chicago | Feb.04.08

Islam is not foreign to America. Rather, it has been part of our history since before the Declaration of Independence. In light of the prejudice many Muslims face today, stories of early American Muslims, like Abdul-Rahman’s in "The Prince of Slaves," are invaluable.

feature208 Streamwood cop one of few in suburbs who speaks Urdu
Daily Herald | Feb.11.08

As far as Sabih Khan knows, he's the first Urdu-speaking officer in the Northwest suburbs. "I just wanted to help the community I live in," Adeel Faridi said, discussing his willingness to also apply at a police deparment in the Chicago suburbs.

feature207 Some non-Christians feel left out of election
Reuters | Feb.03.07

"I welcome faith values if they inspire candidates to do good things. But I worry if it is used as a litmus test to include someone in political participation," said Ahmed Rehab, a spokesman with the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

feature206 Chicago Tribune: Note to Obama - So What?
Luke Willson | Jan.31.08

It is a shame that anti-Muslim attitudes have become such an ingrained part of the American discourse that candidates for the President of the United States do not bat an eye when allaying "fears" that they are part of a religion.

feature205 Beyond Stereotypes: Learn about CAIR's New Initiative
Islam Online | Jan.25.08

Islam Online interviews CAIR's Ahmed Rehab as he discusses the recent initiative, "Beyond Stereotypes", launched to educate media personnel whether they are reporters, editors, producers, or otherwise, about basic Islamic terms, practices, and issues.

feature197 "Do Your Part" - CAIR Launches 2008 Voting Initiative
by Sandy Abdallah | Jan.10.08

CAIR recently launched the “Do Your Part” initiative in preparation for the 2008 elections. The initiative promotes active participation and public education of the American-Muslim community.

feature204 CAIR-Chicago Leads Media Empowerment Workshop for Chicago Activists
CAIR-Chicago | Jan.15.08

The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights invited CAIR-Chicago to lead a media workshop intended to empower organizations around Chicago working on immigration issues.

feature196 Spring 2008 Internship & Externship Opportunities at CAIR-Chicago
CAIR-Chicago | Jan.05.08

Internships and externships at CAIR-Chicago, a chapter of the nation's largest Muslim civil rights organization, offer students and activists a great opportunity to learn, interact, and grow in a friendly and diverse environment.

feature201 Christina Abraham Promoted to Civil Rights Director
CAIR-Chicago | Jan.01.08

CAIR-Chicago’s board and staff would like to congratulate Christina Abraham, CAIR-Chicago’s Civil Rights Coordinator, on her much deserved promotion to the position Civil Rights Director.

feature195 CAIR-Chicago Welcomes New Staff
CAIR-Chicago | Dec.01.07

CAIR-Chicago welcomes new staff Reem Rahman, Azam Azeem, Gerald Hankerson, Tricia Kemling, and Amir Siddiqui. Read more about their bios on our staff page.

feature203 CAIR-Chicago Reps Chosen as Next Generation Fellows
CAIR-Chicago | Oct.21.07

CAIR's Ahmed Rehab and Yaser Tabbara have been selected as Next Generation Fellows of the American Assembly, a project premised on the belief that new voices and fresh ideas will strengthen the nation’s discussion of U.S. global policy and the future of international institutions.

feature200 CAIR-Chicago Welcomes New Board Members
CAIR-Chicago | Aug.31.07

CAIR-Chicago’s board and staff would like to welcome new Board members, Kimberly Newkirk, Dr. Shahwar Syed, Emaad Hamwi, and Khaled Taha.

feature198 CAIR-Chicago Rep at Drum Major Institute
by Mirza Baig | Aug.03.07

CAIR recently launched the “Do Your Part” initiative in preparation for the 2008 elections. The initiative promotes active participation and public education of the American-Muslim community.

feature202 Ahmed Rehab Joins Board of Illinois Coalition of Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR)
CAIR-Chicago | Aug.01.2007

Ahmed Rehab, CAIR-Chicago’s Executive Director has joined the board of Illinois Coalition of Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) following an endorsement of his nomination by the coalition’s 150 member organizations.

feature194 CAIR-Chicago Welcomes Chapter’s First PILI Fellow, Tawfiq Ali
CAIR-Chicago | May.01.07

Tawfiq Ali is CAIR-Chicago's first Public Interest Law Initiative (PILI) Fellow. Tawfiq is a graduate of Harvard University with a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and received his law degree from Harvard Law School in June 2007.

feature199 CAIR-Chicago Receives 2007 Grant from Chicago Bar Foundation
CAIR-Chicago Mar.01.07

For the second year in a row, CAIR-Chicago received a grant in 2007 from the Chicago Bar Foundation for its civil rights work on behalf of the indigent Muslim community in Chicago.

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