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Avoiding Extremism
Chicago Tribune
August 18, 2005

By Ramah Kudaimi,0,7617299.story?coll=chi-newsmoreletters-hed

I would like to thank Leonard Pitts for his wonderful handling of comments such as those of Rep. Tom Tancredo that do nothing but incite fear and hate ("Inflammatory remarks feed the enemy," Commentary, Aug. 2).

Tancredo and others see everything in black and white and believe that it would be just to destroy an entire faith's holy site in retaliation for the actions of a few. According to this logic, a person who is hurt in an abortion clinic bombing has every right to bomb the Vatican. As Pitts pointed out, what we as Americans and humans should fear is extremism in any form because it leads to uncompromising positions, positions such as the one that advocates solving terrorism by destroying Muslims.

Ramah Kudaimi


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