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Chicago Tribune Coverage February 19, 2005
Chicago Tribune Coverage February 19, 2005
Daily Herald Coverage February 19, 2005
Press Release for Event February 15, 2006

CAIR-Chicago hosts a press conference held at the Islamic Foundation in Villa Park.

Communications Director Ahmed Rehab introduces the "Explore the Life of Muhammad" campaign recently launched by CAIR, stressing Muhammad's(pbuh) reliance upon peace and diplomacy as a means to resolve conflict.

Member of the audience and press listening during Ahmed Rehab's address.

Ahmed Rehab addressing the media.

Rehab takes questions following his media presentation.

Press conference comes to a close.

Community members attend the CAIR-ICNA Townhall Meeting held after the press conference.

Ahmed Rehab hosts a panel to address the audience regarding recent events surrounding the cartoon controversy.

Ahmed Rehab shares his view on the recent controversy, events, and reactions following the publication of the cartoons.


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