feature246 Obama's apology lessens the snub from Muslim shunning
Sun-Times | June.26.08

"Putting public pressure on politicians to act honorably and live up to this country's promise is a perfectly democratic and American endeavor," said Ahmed Rehab.

feature245 Action Alert: New Airport "Virtual Strip Search" Raises Concern
CAIR-Chicago | June.23.08

A security procedure recently implemented by the TSA scans full-body images of passengers through their clothing, revealing intimate body parts to screeners, resembling a “virtual strip search.”

feature244 Chicago Court Grants Muslim Man Citizenship After Six Year Delay
Chicago Tribune | June.20.08

“USCIS’s allegations stemming from his visits to Iran and identity as a Muslim reflect increasing concerns about discriminatory citizenship practices," said CAIR-Chicago Civil Rights Director Christina Abraham.

feature243 CAIR-Chicago Discusses Muslim Women with Headscarf Barred from Obama Rally
ABC7-News | June.20.08

"No American should be marginalized from our country's political process simply because of their faith," Rahman said.

feature241 Civil Rights Director Speaks at Chicago Bar Foundation Panel on Legal Advocacy
CAIR-Chicago | June.12.08

Legal advocates representing Chicago's minority groups discussed issues from the economy to immigration and how they were affecting the people that live in Chicago.






    May 27, 2008 – June 24, 2008


    • A Muslim female student at a local University was sexually harassed by a fellow student. CAIR-Chicago accompanied her to court where she was to testify as a witness, however, the defendant did not appear. Subsequently, a warrant was sent out for his arrest. CAIR-Chicago will continue to monitor the situation.

    • A Muslim couple has been subjected to discrimination, harassment and threats of eviction by the board of the co-op in which they reside. CAIR-Chicago is currently working with the couple and will continue to support and take appropriate measure to resolve the situation.


    • A Muslim man was terminated from his job and feels that it was because he was not a “born –citizen.” The man worked for the company for three years. He was fired for what his employer claimed were multiple disciplinary infractions. CAIR-Chicago referred the man to a private attorney who may be able to pursue his claim.

    • A Muslim man was denied an accommodation request to pray during work and was also denied requests for accommodations that other employees routinely receive. Soon after making the request for accommodation, the man was terminated by his employer. CAIR-Chicago has advised the man to file a charge of discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and will represent him in his employment discrimination claim.


    • After interviewing for citizenship, a Muslim man was told by an immigration officer that his case looked difficult and was advised that he should withdraw his application. This advice came after the man had waited three years for an interview. CAIR-Chicago is investigating the matter and will take whatever measures necessary to resolve the situation.

    • Four more Muslims have reported delays in their citizenship process. Some of these individuals have passed the exam and met all the necessary requirements for obtaining citizenship. However, due to a new USCIS policy, some Muslims have had their interview dates cancelled, and are experiencing delays prior to their citizenship interview. The new policy requires security checks to be completed before being able to interview for citizenship. CAIR-Chicago is incorporating these cases into the Citizenship Delay Project.

    • A Muslim women was given two tickets by a police officer for “ parental irresponsibility” and “disturbing conduct” after her son pushed a neighborhood boy for making racial comments towards him. CAIR-Chicago is investigating the matter and will take appropriate measures to resolve the issue.

    • A Muslim man was contacted by the FBI for questioning. CAIR- Chicago is representing the man in the matter and will contact the FBI on his behalf.

    • A Muslim woman received her green card for permanent residency in 2007 after a lengthy delay and was told she could then file for citizenship. Since applying for citizenship in 2008, she has also experienced a delay in being scheduled for the citizenship interview and exam. CAIR-Chicago sent of a letter of inquiry to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and will attempt to determine the status of the woman’s application.

    Public Accommodation:

    • A Muslim woman wearing a religious headscarf (hijab) was stopped while shopping at a local store and accused of switching price tags on a set of candle sticks. The alleged price switching would have only resulted in saving one dollar. During her detainment she was not allowed to contact her husband or view the video allegedly documenting the act. CAIR-Chicago is investigating the complaint and will take whatever measures appropriate to resolve the matter.


    • A Muslim man retained an attorney for a personal injury case, but lost his case due to the attorney’s alleged mishandling of the case. CAIR-Chicago is currently investigating the claim and will advise the man of his legal options.

    • A Muslim man was subjected to derogatory and obscene remarks by a construction worker after a dispute arose between him and the construction worker on a local highway. Police refused to file charges against the construction worker. CAIR-Chicago is investigating the matter and will take whatever measures it deems necessary to resolve the issue.

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Executive Director
Ahmed Rehab

Civil Rights Director
Christina Abraham

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Dina Rehab

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Sadiya Ahmed

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Veronica Zapata

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Reem Rahman

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Islaam Rahim

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Amir Siddiqui

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