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WBEZ 91.5: Ahmed Rehab urges caution when discussing Chechen suspects [AUDIO]

In this hour-long radio interview, Ahmed Rehab joins WBEZ staff to discuss reactions to the Boston Marathon bombings.

WGN 9: CAIR-Chicago cautions Muslims of possible retaliatory violence and harassment [VIDEO]

At a news conference on Friday, April 19th, CAIR-Chicago Executive Director reiterated the Muslim community’s sympathies for the victims of the Boston bombings and cautions the Muslim community of possible retaliatory acts.

FOX 32: Chicago Muslims condemn violence in Boston [VIDEO]

FOX 32 reports on the CAIR-Chicago news conference where Chicago Muslims reiterated their condemnation of the violence of the Boston bombing attacks.

Chicago Sun-Times: Chicago Muslims hoping Islamophobia doesn’t rise in light of Boston attacks

The Chicago Sun-Times reports on the Friday’s press conference concerning CAIR-Chicago’s response to the Boston bombings.

Chicago Tribune: Muslims guard against backlash

The Council on American Islamic Relations again offered sympathy to victims of the Boston Marathon bombing on Friday, but added a plea for Americans not to generalize and conclude that Muslim teachings influenced the suspect in any way.

BizPac: CAIR-Florida fights to run ‘#MyJihad’ bus ads

The Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations has embarked on a campaign to redefine the term “jihad,” applying earlier this year to advertise a “#MyJihad” message on Hillsborough Area Regional Transit buses.

NPR: In Chicago, dueling ads over the meaning of ‘Jihad’

In Chicago, a group has launched a bus and subway ad campaign meant to reclaim the term jihad from another series of ads that presents jihadists as violent.

Muslim Matters: #MyJihad – The ‘struggle’ to reclaim Islam

Muslim Matters discusses the goal of #MyJihad Public Education Campaign and sheds light on how it is successfully driving home the message that ‘jihad’ in actuality refers to a concerted effort or struggle, namely by an individual in the path of God.

Huffington Post: San Francisco anti-Islam bus ads ignite controversy

The Huffington Post reports on the San Francisco public transit authority’s fight against anti-Islamic ads sponsored by the AFDI. The ads that closely resemble the #Myjihad Public Education Campaign ads are sparking controversy and inspired SFMTA to donate all revenue generated from the ads to the city’s Human Rights Commission.

The New York Times: Using Billboards to Stake Claim Over ‘Jihad’

The New York Times reports on CAIR-Chicago’s public campaign “MyJihad” which promotes a peaceful meaning of the word ‘jihad.’