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The Badger Herald: Union South hosts event aimed at examining prejudice of Muslims

Around 250 attendees filled Union South’s Varsity Hall Friday for a Muslim Students Association event to raise awareness of what they believe is a nation-wide misunderstanding of Islam.

Ahmed Rehab on “Understanding Islamophobia in America” at UW-Madison

Ahmed Rehab spoke at “Understanding Islamophobia in America,” which took place this past Friday at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to raise awareness of the spread of intolerance against Muslims that is steadily on the rise.

Al-Ahram: Don’t take the bait

In an exclusive interview, Executive Director of the Chicago office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations Ahmed Rehab tells Gihan Shahine how Muslims should react to the current wave of anti-Islamic bigotry.

Ahmed Rehab to give keynote address at UW-Madison “Understanding Islamophobia” event

CAIR-Chicago Executive Director, Ahmed Rehab, will give the keynote address at a UW-Madison event entitled “Understanding Islamophobia in America” on Friday, October 19th.

Student Life, Washington University: A platform for peace

CAIR-Chicago’s Ahmed Rehab defines jihad as “the struggle against ignorance, injustice and hate. It is the struggle against the darkness in one’s own soul. It is the struggle to be patient in times of adversity.”

Daily Herald: Suburban Muslims use positive campaigns to counter anti-Islam messages

Suburban Muslims are using social media and other positive campaigns to counter anti-Islam messages in the wake of global protests — some violent — over a controversial video about Islam’s Prophet Muhammad, and anti-Muslim posters plastered in New York City subway stations.

Columbia Chronicle: Senate hearing looks to expose domestic extremism

Members of the Council on American-Islamic Relations arranged a viewing of the Senate’s hearing on hate crimes and domestic extremism at their headquarters. The hearing focused on exposing hate crimes and preventing domestic extremism in America.

Packed room at public viewing of Senate hate crimes hearing

CAIR-Chicago hosted a public viewing today of a Senate hearing entitled “Hate Crimes and the Threat of Domestic Extremism”, which was chaired by Illinois Senator Dick Durbin.

Chicago Tribune: Muslim grave site in Evergreen Park vandalized again

A grave site in the Muslim section of Evergreen Cemetery in Evergreen Park has been defaced for the second time in two weeks.

Chicago coalition speaks out against the bloodshed in Syria

United Coalition of national and local Syrian-American and Muslim-American organizations joined by Chicago family members of those Killed spoke at a press conference held at the CAIR-Chicago office, on August 27, to discuss steps to end the bloodshed in Syria.