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Actions speak louder than words: The West’s role in international arms trade

In recent memory, the West, led by the U.S., has intervened in several cases to rid a country of an authoritarian government and put in its place a more democratic system. However, there is also a long track record of propping up regimes, for strategic and economic reasons, that embody everything the West claims to stand against.

Ahmed Rehab to discuss Egypt and the Arab Spring at North Park University

Join CAIR-Chicago’s Executive Director, Ahmed Rehab, for an update on the Egyptian revolution and the Arab Spring at North Park University on Thursday November 15, 2012.

Ahmed Rehab participates in panel on Arab Spring at DePaul University

On Tuesday, October 30 CAIR-Chicago Executive Director Ahmed Rehab came to DePaul University to speak on a panel titled, “What is the Next Season After the Arab Spring?”

Join Ahmed Rehab to discuss what comes after the Arab Spring – Oct. 30

Join CAIR-Chicago’s Executive Director this Tuesday at DePaul University to discuss the Arab Spring and its aftermath. It was almost two years ago that the historic uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East changed the face of the region.

Event recap: Ahmed Rehab’s lecture on Egypt at AIC

This past Sunday, CAIR-Chicago’s Executive Director, Ahmed Rehab, presented a lecture titled “Egypt at a Crossroads: The Making of the Second Republic” at the American Islamic College in Chicago.

CAIR-Chicago Executive Director Ahmed Rehab speaks to students at Chicago-Kent College of Law

CAIR-Chicago Executive Director Ahmed Rehab spoke to students at Chicago-Kent College of Law on Wednesday at the panel “The Arab Spring: Bringing Down Dictators.”

New Anti-Trespassing Law Could be Dangerous for Activists

Reflecting on a tumultuous year of Occupy movements and the Arab Spring, the U.S. government has passed not one, but two new anti-protesting laws. With the exclusion of single word – from “willingly and knowingly” to simply “knowingly” – the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act is further restricting Americans first amendment rights.

The Cyber War on Islam

As more and more Americans use the Internet, anti-Muslim sentiment has found a new platform to spread hate and bigotry. As a result, Muslims have taken to the web to combat this prejudice, and present a more fair, accurate and diverse image of Islam.

Arab News: Muslims must counter bigotry and hatred online

Just returned from an internal OIC workshop held in Brussels to discuss Islamophobia, Ahmed Rehab, the executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Chicago Office, asserted that Muslims must do more to fight this scourge.

CAIR-Chicago Hosts Panel Discussion on Occupy Wall Street and the Arab Spring [PHOTOS]

Last night, CAIR-Chicago hosted a community discussion in honor of the Chicago Commission on Human Relations’ Arab Heritage Month. Speakers discussed the Arab Spring revolutions and the Wall Street protests.