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NBC 5: Muslim woman says her faith was attacked in court

CAIR-Chicago is investigating a situation in which a Hammond, IN woman was discriminated against for wearing her hijab in court.

WBEZ 91.5: Ahmed Rehab urges caution when discussing Chechen suspects [AUDIO]

In this hour-long radio interview, Ahmed Rehab joins WBEZ staff to discuss reactions to the Boston Marathon bombings.

FOX 32: Chicago Muslims condemn violence in Boston [VIDEO]

FOX 32 reports on the CAIR-Chicago news conference where Chicago Muslims reiterated their condemnation of the violence of the Boston bombing attacks.

Medill Reports Chicago: A ‘jihad’ to reclaim the word from extremists

Medill Reports Chicago interviews CAIR-Chicago’s Executive Director, Ahmed Rehab, about the #MyJihad campaign.

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MEDILL Reports Chicago: State lawmakers’ new anti-hate resolution could boost Chicago’s immigrant-friendly drive

When the Illinois House of Representatives recently passed a resolution denouncing hate crimes and bigotry against South Asians, the lawmakers were responding to recent attacks against members of the South Asian community nationwide –- and breaking new legislative ground.

Ahmed Rehab on “Understanding Islamophobia in America” at UW-Madison

Ahmed Rehab spoke at “Understanding Islamophobia in America,” which took place this past Friday at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to raise awareness of the spread of intolerance against Muslims that is steadily on the rise.

Al-Ahram: Don’t take the bait

In an exclusive interview, Executive Director of the Chicago office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations Ahmed Rehab tells Gihan Shahine how Muslims should react to the current wave of anti-Islamic bigotry.

Student Life, Washington University: A platform for peace

CAIR-Chicago’s Ahmed Rehab defines jihad as “the struggle against ignorance, injustice and hate. It is the struggle against the darkness in one’s own soul. It is the struggle to be patient in times of adversity.”

With freedom of speech, comes great responsibility

As much as free speech needs to be respected and upheld, it also needs to be checked on an even playing field.