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Patheos: Why #MyJihad doesn’t engage with Islamophobes like Pamela Geller

Angie Emara, project coordinator of the #MyJihad ad campaign, wrote a response to Davi Barker, who blogs at The Muslim Agorist and writes for The Examiner and Altmuslim, on his analysis for the debate Pamela Geller had with Michael Krasney opposite David Chiu.

Balkan Chronicle: #MyJihad is steeped in my Balkan roots

Yasmina Kishanov Blackburn is a soccer mom who is involved with the #MyJihad campaign and discusses what the term ‘jihad’ means to her.

BizPac: CAIR-Florida fights to run ‘#MyJihad’ bus ads

The Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations has embarked on a campaign to redefine the term “jihad,” applying earlier this year to advertise a “#MyJihad” message on Hillsborough Area Regional Transit buses.

Radio Free Europe: Campaign aims to reclaim true meaning of ‘jihad’

Radio Free Europe covers the #MyJihad ad campaign launched by CAIR-Chicago’s Executive Director, Ahmed Rehab.

Campus Progress: What Does The Word Jihad Mean To You?

The Council on American-Islamic Relations sponsored an educational campaign to reframe the way people view the word “jihad.”

OPB: Through ad campaign, Muslim activists want to redefine ‘jihad’

In an effort to “reclaim” the word jihad, Muslim activists launched a new ad campaign in the nation’s capitol this week. Commuters in the Washington, D.C. subway system will start seeing posters stamped with the “#My Jihad” hashtag.

San Gabriel Valley Tribune: Debra Saunders – Sanctimony city

Debra Saunders reviews the recent controversy in San Francisco over Pamela Geller’s #MyJihad counter-campaign.

On Islam: Jihad ad war on American streets

An advertising war is taking place on American streets between Muslims and Islamophobes about the meaning of Jihad.

NPR: In Chicago, dueling ads over the meaning of ‘Jihad’

In Chicago, a group has launched a bus and subway ad campaign meant to reclaim the term jihad from another series of ads that presents jihadists as violent.

Huffington Post: San Francisco anti-Islam bus ads ignite controversy

The Huffington Post reports on the San Francisco public transit authority’s fight against anti-Islamic ads sponsored by the AFDI. The ads that closely resemble the #Myjihad Public Education Campaign ads are sparking controversy and inspired SFMTA to donate all revenue generated from the ads to the city’s Human Rights Commission.