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Chicago Tribune: From quiet relief to open rejoicing

Amina Sharif, spokeswoman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Chicago, sought to distance Islam from bin Laden during a news conference Monday.

“Bin Laden never represented Islam and was never seen as a Muslim leader,” Sharif said.

Chicago Tribune: Judge: Suit over proposed mosque will proceed

CAIR-Chicago, which said the center would serve about 30 families, “will continue to pursue the Center’s right to use the facility they own to accommodate the needs of the community,” said Kevin Vodak, CAIR-Chicago Staff Attorney.

Thank DuPage County Board Members For Voting in Favor of MECCA

The DuPage County Board voted 13-5 this week to grant a special use permit to the Muslim Education and Cultural Center of America (MECCA).

Chicago Tribune: DuPage County approves mosque near Willowbrook

The distinctive minaret and golden dome will be absent, but MECCA — after months of controversy — won approval Tuesday to build a mosque near Willowbrook. After rejecting a call to send the matter back to the county’s Zoning Board of Appeals for further study, the board signed off on the revised plan by approving a conditional-use permit 13-5.

Chicago Tribune: Chicago’s Egyptians share anger of protesters

As crowds of protesters in Egypt erupted in anger, Egyptians in the Chicago area were glued to their televisions and computers as they grappled with what they called shocking news: The president of Egypt was not stepping down, despite weeks of protests and hints that he would do so.

Chicago Tribune: Chicago-based activist among protesters in Egypt

Ahmed Rehab has been hit 24 times with an acrid cloud of tear gas — stopped in his tracks as he and thousands of other protesters march for democracy in Egypt. Unlike other American travelers, the Chicago-based civil rights activist, who heads CAIR-Chicago, went to Egypt in anticipation of the simmering revolution.

Chicago Tribune: Religious leaders urge approval of DuPage mosque

“How many mosques constitute an oversaturation in unincorporated DuPage County, according to the Zoning Board of Appeals?” asked Ahmed Rehab, director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, at a news conference. “The answer would be one. One would be one too many apparently, and that’s very disconcerting to us.”

Press Conference Tomorrow to Support DuPage County Mosques

Christian, Muslim, Jewish and civic leaders affirm religious freedom and call on the DuPage County Development Board to reconsider the Zoning Board’s decision to deny a permit for MECCA, a mosque in Willowbrook.

Chicago Tribune: DuPage zoning panel opposes plan for mosque near Willowbrook

Amina Sharif, with the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said she is concerned that officials are trying to limit religious institutions. In April, the group filed a lawsuit against the county alleging discrimination in rejecting a zoning proposal for an Islamic education center and place of worship near Naperville.

ACTION ALERT: Call DuPage County to Support Mosques Seeking Permits

Call the DuPage Country Board and show your support for: the Islamic Center of the Western Suburbs (ICSW), the Muslim Education and Cultural Center of America (MECCA), and the Irshad Learning Center (ILC).

Make your voice heard and make a difference!