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LoonWatch: “#MyJihad” brings out anti-Muslim rage amongst hypocritical Islamophobic warmongers

Social media, specifically Twitter and Facebook have been abuzz with the anti-extremism campaignMyJihad: Reclaiming Islam.

ILLUME: Reclaiming the Meaning of Jihad from Extremists (PHOTOS)

‘MyJihad’, an ad campaign to educate the public about the Islamic meaning of Jihad launched last week in Chicago. City buses and trains will carry advertisements from the “MyJihad Educational Campaign,” sharing the idea of Jihad – which means a personal struggle for improvement – that most Muslims practice.

mUmBRELLA: Muslim group tackles confusion over the meaning of Jihad

A campaign to disassociate ‘Jihad’ with terrorism is coming to Australia. Muslim group the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ Chicago chapter is to run bus ads “to reclaim Jihad from the Muslim and anti-Muslim extremists” in Sydney and Melbourne, the Herald Sun reported today.

The West Australian: US Muslims to reclaim ‘jihad’ with ad campaign

CHICAGO (AFP) – US Muslims launched an advertising and social media campaign Friday in the hopes of reclaiming the word jihad from extremists who insist on equating the spiritual quest with terrorism.

Chicago Tribune: ‘MyJihad’ campaign hits Chicago buses, along with opposition

Chicago buses have become a battleground for two groups promoting different definitions of jihad.
This past weekend, the Council on American-Islamic Relations launched “MyJihad,” a national ad campaign featuring individuals’ testimonies about what the central tenet of Islam means to them.

CBS 2: Advertisement controversy, the ‘My Jihad’ ad campaign

Two groups promoting different definitions of the Islamic word ‘jihad’ are using CTA buses as their forum for debate. The Tribune reports Council on American Islamic Relations launched a national ad campaign called “MyJihad.” It features testimonies from Muslims about what jihad, a pillar of Islam, means to them.

NBC 5: “MyJihad” Ads Land on CTA Buses

Chicago’s buses have become a battleground for a controversial ad campaign.

WGN 9: Nationwide ‘My Jihad’ ad campaign launches in Chicago

WGN reports on the launch of the controversial ‘My Jihad’ ad campaign. CAIR-Chicago says the meaning of the word ‘jihad’ has been distorted by Muslims as well as non-Muslim extremists and they’ve launched a nationwide campaign that is beginning here in Chicago to get out the real meaning of the word ‘jihad.’

ABC 7: CAIR-Chicago launches an attention-getting campaign

CAIR-Chicago launches an attention-getting campaign, the theme: ‘My Jihad.’ The Council says this is part of a national public education campaign seeking to share the proper meaning of jihad as believed and practiced by the majority of Muslims.

WGN 9: ‘My Jihad’ ad campaign launches in Chicago

WGN reports on the ‘My Jihad’ ad campaign sponsored by CAIR-Chicago. The ads are meant to give a different meaning to the word jihad which is commonly known as ‘holy war’ CAIR-chicago says it actually means struggling to get to a better place. The Council is planning to launch it New York and other major cities.

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