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Citizenship Approved after Three Year Delay

A Muslim man received citizenship after a three year wait. After taking an interview and passing the exam in December 2005 he was told his application was pending a name check. After CAIR-Chicago represented him in his recent update interview, the man was granted citizenship.

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Staff Attorney Attends Update Interview in Citizenship Delay Case

CAIR Chicago Staff Attorney Tricia Kemling attended an update interview for a man whose citizenship has been delayed due to a background check pending since 2004. The man, of Middle Eastern descent, applied for citizenship in 2003, passed his exam and interview in 2004, and has since been waiting for his background check to clear.

Muslim Man Receives Citizenship after CAIR-Chicago Files Complaint

A Muslim man received citizenship after a four-year delay since he passed the interview and exam for citizenship. CAIR-Chicago had filed a complaint on behalf of the man, asking the court to grant him citizenship. CAIR-Chicago dismissed the complaint upon the man’s naturalization.

Citizenship Delay Complaint Filed on Behalf of Muslim Man

CAIR-Chicago Staff Attorney Tricia Kemling filed another complaint on behalf of a Muslim man experiencing a delay in obtaining citizenship.

Six Muslim Men who Experienced Citizenship Delays are now Sworn-In

Six more CAIR-Chicago citizenship delay clients have taken the oath for citizenship in the past two months after lengthy delays in the processing of their applications.

Muslim Man Sworn-In for Citizenship after CAIR-Chicago Represents Man in Update Interview

CAIR-Chicago Civil Rights Coordinator Christina Abraham represented a Muslim man in an update interview for his citizenship application

CAIR-Chicago Represents Muslim Man in Citizenship Delay Update Interview

CAIR-Chicago Civil Rights Coordinator Christina Abraham attended an update interview with a man experiencing a citizenship delay for over two years. During the interview, the man was recommended for approval.

PBS WTTW 11 Chicago Tonight: Beyond Borders – Muslims Facing Citizenship Delays (VIDEO)

CAIR-Chicago attorney Bitta Mostofi and CAIR-Chicago client discuss how Muslims, immigrants and non-immigrants alike, are common targets of suspicion and unreasonable citizenship delays on PBS-Wttw 11 Chicago Tonight, Chicago Matters: Beyond Borders series

Muslim Man Experiencing Citizenship Delay Gets Naturalized

One more CAIR-Chicago citizenship delay client took the oath for citizenship after a lengthy delay in the processing of his application.

CAIR-Chicago Attends Status Hearing for Citizenship Delay Class Action Law Suit

CAIR-Chicago Staff Attorney Bitta Mostofi attended a status hearing for the citizenship delay class action law suit. As a result of the suit, all of the applications of the named plaintiffs have been expedited.