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CLTV: CAIR-Chicago hosts news conference on Boston bombings [VIDEO]

Ahmed Rehab speaks at CAIR-Chicago’s news conference on Friday, April 19th about the heinous acts of violence in Boston and the retaliatory acts of violence against Muslims since.

CLTV: Ahmed Rehab shares his perspective on Boston bombings [VIDEO]

In this live interview, CAIR-Chicago’s Ahmed Rehab talks about how the Muslim community has wholly condemned the heinous acts of violence in Boston, and asks Americans to be careful not to make generalizations about the entire Muslim community based on the actions of individuals.

CLTV: Controversial ‘My Jihad’ ads part of educational campaign

CLTV reports on the ‘MyJihad’ ad campaign, a nationwide public education campaign sponsored by CAIR-Chicago. The campaign aims to give a different meaning of the word ‘jihad.’

MEDIA DIGEST: Standing up to Congressman Joe Walsh

CAIR-Chicago’s media department gave over 20 interviews on 16 different media venues calling out Congressman Joe Walsh’s bigoted comments on Islam and Muslims. The following digest includes a selection of these interviews.

VIDEO: CLTV – Ahmed Rehab addresses Rep. Joe Walsh’s comments

Executive Director of CAIR-Chicago, Ahmed Rehab, responds to Rep. Joe Walsh’s anti-Muslim statements on Politics Tonight.

MEDIA DIGEST: CAIR-Chicago Reflects on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11

See our recent media coverage here.

CLTV: Muslims gather to honor victims of 9/11, discuss how to move forward

The Chicago Office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations hopes Americans can move forward 10 years after the 9/11 attacks. Representatives including Muslims, Christians, and Jews say its time to quit feeding into fear and embrace the principles America was founded on.

CLTV: CAIR-Chicago Welcomes News of bin Laden Elimination

I sincerely appreciate that President Obama made that statement, and wholeheartedly agree that Osama bin Laden isn’t an Islamic leader; that in fact, he’s a mass murderer of Muslims,” said CAIR-Chicago Communications Coordinator Amina Sharif.

CLTV: Ahmed Rehab On Continued Protests and Mubarak’s Refusal to Resign 2/11/11

Ahmed Rehab talks about how upset and angry the Egyptian protesters are after the televised statement from Mubarak. Rehab said the protesters are even more upset and is worried about what may happen after the Friday prayers.

CLTV: Muslims Combating Islamophobia after Fort Hood

CAIR-Chicago Executive Director Ahmed Rehab talks to CLTV News about Muslim efforts to combat Islamophobia through public education and interfaith initiatives. Rehab also reminds Americans not to judge Muslim Americans, particularly Muslim soldiers, based on the actions of one man.