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2015: 75 Public Officials Endorse Our Work!

Come see what public officials are saying about CAIR-Chicago!

Action Alert: Urge Congress to amend Voting Rights Act

Unless action is taken to amend the Voting Rights Act, there is a potential for voting rights to no longer be protected, especially for historically disadvantaged communities. Contact your representatives today!

2013: 56 public officials endorse our work!

This year, 56 public officials showed their support by sending letters of commendation. Show yours by coming to CAIR-Chicago’s 9th Annual Banquet on Saturday, May 4th!

Five U.S. Congressmen commend CAIR-Chicago!

Five U.S. Congressmen commend CAIR-Chicago just in time for this year’s 9th Annual Banquet, #HateFree.

The influence of Islamophobia in congressional politics

Communications Intern Titilayo Rasaki explores the network of misinformation experts and political figures that have created a national rhetoric of Islamophobia and hate.

Al Jazeera: Attacks on US Muslims creates Eid worry

CAIR-Chicago Executive Director Ahmed Rehab comments on the demonizing of Muslims in the U.S. in this new Al Jazeera piece.

PRESS CONFERENCE on Rep. Joe Walsh’s anti-Muslim statements

On Friday, August 10th, the Chicago office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Chicago), along with members of Chicago’s Muslim and interfaith communities, will hold a press conference to respond to Congressman Joe Walsh’s anti-Muslim statements made at a recent town hall meeting.

Why we need ERPA: Racial profiling lingers amidst proof of targeting

Many see racism and stereotyping as an engrained problem with no legitimate solution, but this is just not true. We as citizens, could make huge strides towards eradicating stereotyping and its disastrous repercussions, starting with the End to Racial Profiling Act (ERPA).

The new McCarthyism: Bachmann claims Muslims are “infiltrating” government

Michele Bachmann and other Republican representatives claim they have “evidence” of a “deep penetration” of U.S. government by affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood.

ACTION ALERT: Tell your Senators to oppose the legalization of propaganda!

The “Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2013″ bill passed in the House on May 18th, and is now going to the Senate for a vote. Contact your Senators and stop this bill!