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WBEZ 91.5: Islamic group sues city of Des Plaines for discrimination [AUDIO]

WBEZ’s Shannon Heffernan reports on CAIR-Chicago’s recent case filed on behalf of the Bosnian American Islamic Center against the city of Des Plaines.

Chicago Tribune: Muslim group says Des Plaines zoning denial violates religious freedom

A Bosnian Muslim congregation filed a federal lawsuit Monday against Des Plaines and five aldermen, alleging they violated its religious freedom when they denied permission to convert a vacant office building into a community center and Muslim house of worship.

NBC5: Muslim Group Sues Des Plaines for Denying Community Center

A Muslim organization has sued a suburban Chicago community for allegedly violating its rights to freedom of religion by denying it permission to open a community center.

Chicago Sun-Times: Islamic group sues Des Plaines for rejecting planned mosque

The Chicago Sun-Times covers the recent controversy in Des Plaines over the city’s denial to issue a zoning permit to the American Islamic Center.

Des Plaines Journal: Bosnian Muslim Group Sues Des Plaines

The American Islamic Center of Chicago filed a lawsuit in federal court against the city of Des Plaines claiming the city violated its Constitutional rights by denying a zoning amendment to open a Bosnian Islamic religious and community center.

Associated Press: Islamic center sues Des Plaines for discrimination

The Associated Press reports on a lawsuit filed against the city of Des Plaines for refusing to approve a request for a zoning permit to the American Islamic Center.

Daily Herald: Muslim group sues Des Plaines for denying religious center

The Daily Herald reports on the American Islamic Center’s lawsuit against the city of Des Plaines for its refusal to approve a zoning permit for its religious and educational institution.

Islamic Center sues City of Des Plaines for zoning denial

CAIR-Chicago has joined the law offices of Anthony J. Peraica to file a complaint in federal court on behalf of the American Islamic Center against the City of Des Plaines.

Reza Aslan, Fox News and the status Islamophobia in the media

Fox News’ recent interview with Reza Aslan caused waves in the internet world as outwardly Islamophobic. Communications Intern Shaiesha Moore explores the more subtle forms of Islamophobia present in the media that often go unnoticed.

One year after Oak Creek tragedy, fight to end discrimination continues

One year since the tragedy at an Oak Creek, WI Gurdwara, American Muslims continue to stand with their Sikh brothers and sisters in the ongoing fight to end discrimination.

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