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CBS News: Ahmed Rehab Discusses Why Mubarak Stepped Down

Ahmed Rehab discusses possible reasons Mubarak stepped down today and what that means for the country. He says that Egypt is on its way to a new beginning and that the start of a new Egypt will not be easy.

Fox Chicago News: Ahmed Rehab Discusses The Role Of Social Media In The Egyptian Revolution

Ahmed Rehab speaks with Fox Chicago News about how Facebook and Twitter played a role in gathering all the people in Egypt to come together. Rehab said that social media allowed the Egyptian people to gather quickly and in large enough numbers that security forces could not prevent the movements.

Rally In Support For Right To Peaceful Protest 2/12/11

The Egyptian-Americans for Democracy, the Egyptian American Society, and the Midwest Coalition for Human Rights are joining together as part of a Global Day of Action (being planned by Amnesty sections around the world in conjunction with other partner organizations).

VOA News: Chicago Activist Documents Egyptian Turmoil Online 2/11/11

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s speech on Thursday disappointed many protestors in Egypt. Many demonstrators in Cairo’s Tahrir Square eagerly awaited what they thought would be Mr. Mubarak’s resignation.

Chicago Tribune: Chicago-area Egyptians cheer Mubarak’s departure 2/11/11

Many Chicago-area residents with ties to Egypt welcomed the news that President Hosni Mubarak had resigned and handed over power to the military.

WGN: Ahmed Rehab Describes Situation in Egypt

After the speech from President Mubarak stating that he would not step down, Ahmed Rehab speaks about the reactions from the protesters. Rehab also discusses where the peaceful protests should go from here.

MSNBC, The Ed Show: Ahmed Rehab Discusses What Needs To Happen In Egypt

Ahmed Rehab talks to Ed Schultz about what’s happening in Egypt shortly after Mubarak said he would not step down, as well as what needs to be done in the country in order for a peaceful revolution to be successful.

Ahmed Rehab on MSNBC, Anticipating Mubarak’s Resignation

Ahmed Rehab talks to MSNBC from Tahrir Square as Egyptians, and the whole world, wait for Mubarak’s resignation.

Fox Chicago News: Ahmed Rehab Worries About Confrontation from Mass Protests 2/10/11

Ahmed Rehab is in Egypt right now and after hearing the speech from Mubarak, he is worried about the possible confrontations during what may be the largest protests on Friday. He assures that the Egyptian protests will not calm down until Mubarak steps down from office.

CLTV: Ahmed Rehab speaks about Mubarak’s Decision to Stay in Power 2/10/11

Ahmed Rehab speaks on CLTV about Mubarak and his decision to remain President. Egyptian protesters are continuing their rally and even marching towards the Presidential Palace. Rehab comments on the will of the people and that Mubarak must step down soon in order to avoid any harm to people.