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CAIR-Chicago Asks Citibank to Apologize for Hijab Incident

A Citibank security guard reportedly objected to a Muslim woman receiving service because it would encourage more of “them” to come into the bank. Throughout the process, which the Muslim customer described as “humiliating,” the guard allegedly made anti-Muslim remarks.

Sun-Times: Hate crimes in a class of their own

“Hate crimes are their own class of crime for a very good reason: The enhanced classification and punishment deters people from criminally acting out on their bigotry. It is the government’s obligation to its citizens to take a no-tolerance position on such crimes,” writes Ahmed Rehab.

Times of Northwest Indiana: Hate crimes alleged in Tinley Park

“More Muslim women like Abusumayah need to speak up,” said Amina Sharif. “If you keep quiet, the bigotry will only continue.”
“Usually after incidents like Fort Hood, there tends to be a spike in hate crimes,” said Christina Abraham. “Current events cause people to act out in bigotry.”

Chicago Tribune: Tinley Park woman charged with hate crime for tugging on woman’s head scarf

“I think (a charge of hate crime) sends the appropriate message that these kinds of race-based lash-outs are unacceptable,” said Ahmed Rehab, executive director of the Chicago chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. “Every time something like (the Fort Hood shootings) happens, the Muslim community prepares for a backlash.”

Hate crimes against Muslims hit ‘Midwest Americana’ in Tinley Park

Tinley Park has been the scene of two recent incidents targeting Muslims. Two days after the Fort Hood shootings, a Tinley Park woman allegedly yanked the head scarf off a local Muslim woman and made derogatory comments. A day later, a Muslim family found derogatory graffiti on their Tinley Park home.

SouthtownStar: Tinley Park woman accused of hate crime

Ahmed Rehab, executive director of the Chicago chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said he’s pleased with the arrest.

“I’m happy to see the Tinley Park Police Department is not one where hate gets a free pass,” he said. “No group of Americans is left behind when it comes to equality.”

Sun-Times: Police: Woman charged for Tinley Park hate crime

“I was shaken up,” Abusumayah told the SouthtownStar about the Nov. 7 assault. “This is my dignity and this is my religion.”
Ahmed Rehab of the Chicago chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations said his organization has reached out to the FBI to pursue federal charges.

Chicago Tribune: Muslim woman says supermarket shopper pulled at her head scarf

“Pulling a woman’s head scarf is clearly a hate crime and should therefore be investigated as such,” said Christina Abraham, the Chicago civil rights director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

ABC7: Ahmed Rehab discusses attack on local Muslim woman

CAIR-Chicago executive director Ahmed Rehab comments on the assault on a Muslim woman in Tinley Park, IL. Amal Abusumayah was shopping when another customer made hateful comments against Muslims and attempted to pull off Abusumayah’s headscarf.

WGN9: Tinley Park woman assaulted for wearing headscarf

CAIR-Chicago’s Ahmed Rehab responds to the harassment and assault of a Muslim woman in a Tinley Park, IL grocery store. CAIR-Chicago is reaching out to the FBI to pursue federal charges against the aggressor.