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CAIR Travel Advisory on TSA and Religious Head Wear

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recently changed its policy regarding searches of travelers wearing head coverings such as Islamic scarves or Sikh turbans.

CAIR-Chicago Attorney Represents Muslim Woman in EEOC Mediation

CAIR-Chicago Attorney Rima Kapitan represented a Muslim woman in a mediation session with the EEOC. The woman’s hours were reduced immediately after she began wearing a headscarf (hijab).

CAIR-Chicago Outreach Coordinator Participates in Islam Awareness Week at Benedictine University

As part of Islam Awareness Week, Outreach Coordinator Dina Rehab, spoke on the headscarf worn by Muslim women, known as the hijab.

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CAIR-Chicago Attends DHS Community Roundtable

CAIR-Chicago Civil Rights Coordinator met with representatives from various Department of Homeland Security agencies and other Muslim organizations to discuss issues pertinent to the Muslim community.

Chicago Tribune: `Prank’ gets teen lesson in tolerance

David Huffman told police it was just a prank gone wrong: On April 22, at a McDonald’s in Tinley Park, he tapped a Muslim woman on the head, nearly pulling off her headscarf.

American Muslims and Hijab

NPR Morning Edition:American Muslims and Hijab

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Court Approves CAIR-Chicago’s Sensitivity Training Program

The Bridgeview Courthouse accepted a proposal for a 40-hour sensitivity training and community service program with CAIR-Chicago as part of the sentence given to an 18 year old man charged with battery.

CAIR-Chicago’s “Arlington Heights Hijab Case” Media Digest

This week CAIR-Chicago conducted a large scale mobilization effort to protect the civil rights of a Muslim-American activist.

Associated Press: Muslim Woman Who Hit Cops Over Scarf: Guilty

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill. – A 24-year-old Muslim woman has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery after a clash with Arlington Heights police last year at an immigration rights demonstration.

Daily Herald: Police criticized for hijab incident

Leaders of an Islamic civil rights organization appeared in court Tuesday to criticize Arlington Heights police for pulling off the hijab, or head scarf, of Rehana Kahn while she was being arrested during an October protest.