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El Dia News: ICIRR Rejects Illinois GOP Anti-Muslim Hysteria

CAIR-Chicago has been a member organization of ICIRR since 2005, is widely respected for its work on civil rights, and is unequivocal in its condemnation of anti-Semitism and terrorist violence. The Illinois Republican Party statement preys upon anti-Muslim fears at a time when we are all grieving over the recent tragic events at Fort Hood, Texas.

IL. GOP Orchestrates Smear Campagin Against Muslim Civic Organization CAIR

Yesterday the Illinois GOP issued a press release baselessly accusing CAIR, a respected civil rights Islamic organization, of being anti-Semitic. The Illinois GOP’s open vilification of Muslims, and organizations that dare to have an independent opinion when it comes to Palestine and Israel, is frightening to say the least.

CAIR-Chicago Calls Out IL GOP For Smear Tactics

“The Illinois GOP’s attack strategy seems to try to deflect mounting criticism from voters by smearing those who hold it accountable for its lack of spine. Additionally, the timing of this fishing expedition seeks to stoke anti-Muslim hysteria on the heels of the tragic shootings at Fort Hood,” said CAIR-Chicago in a statement.

Pide grupo proinmigrante evitar “histeria antimusulmana” en EUA

Exhortó al Partido Republicano a evitar caer en la generación de odios y miedos en contra de la comunidad musulmana, y colaborar con el CAIR denunciando odios antimusulmanes y antiinmigrantes. Pero principalmente a apoyar una reforma migratoria justa y humana.