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Illinois Immigrant Integration Policy Summit “Keeping our Families Together” on Saturday, February 22

Join CAIR-Chicago at the Illinois Immigrant Integration Policy Summit
“Keeping our Families Together” on Saturday, February 22

Idli & immigration event December 7th at Schaumburg Library

Join us to hear expert analysis, share our stories, and talk about how we can promote fair and holistic changes in immigration from right here in Illinois.

Covert government program creates barriers for Muslim immigrants

Litigation Director Kevin Vodak explains how covert immigration policies have translated into institutionalized discrimination against Muslims.

Vodak to speak on October 7 panel on National Security and Immigration

Litigation Director Kevin Vodak will be speaking at a free event on the USCIS’s recent policy’s effects on Muslim immigrants seeking citizenship in the U.S. (CLE credits pending).

OnIslam: US Faiths Demand Immigration Reform

CAIR-Chicago executive director Ahmed Rehab stands with other faith leaders to voice support for immigration reform.

Citizenship granted: CAIR-Chicago’s recent victories

Litigation Director Kevin Vodak recently resolved citizenship delay cases for American Muslims in Chicago.

Arizona’s SB 1070: The Supreme Court on immigration

Numerous organizations including the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the United States Department of Justice filed lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of the Arizona law and asking for an injunction to prevent the law from going into effect.

Private Prisons for Profit – Not in our backyard

Prison privatization comes with serious potential of injustices in regards to safety of prisoners, manipulation of justice, conflict of interests, and overall questioning the legitimacy of the concept in which corporations can handle government assigned facilities.

Rehab at ICIRR’S “One Nation, One Dream” Immigration Integration Summit

Ahmed Rehab, Executive Director of CAIR-Chicago and ICIRR board member, spoke on a panel at the Illinois Coalition for Immigrants and Refugee Rights titled, “Framing the debate: Preaching beyond the choir.”

Noor Salahuddin Discusses the Republican Presidential Candidates’ Political Positions

Communications Intern, Noor Salahuddin discusses the Republican presidential candidates’ political positions.