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Civil Rights Vlog #6: Clement Yu on the Secure Communities Program

Government Affairs Intern Clement Yu discusses the controversial Secure Communities program, enforced by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement)

ACTION ALERT: Attend Public Hearing by I.C.E., Take a Stand Against Cruel Deportations

On Wednesday, August 17th, ICE is coming to Chicago to have a public hearing on Secure Communities, the broken deportation program that is catching non-criminals, separating families, and draining law enforcement resources.

CAIR-Chicago Immigration Vlog #2 with Noor Salahuddin

CAIR-Chicago Communications Intern Noor Salahuddin discusses new Georgia ID laws and the impact on undocumented immigrants.

DREAM or Nightmare?

A 21-year-old recent college graduate discusses their experience as an undocumented immigrant, and the implications of the DREAM Act for them and their family.

ACTION ALERT: Contact Your State Representatives to Support the DREAM and Smart Enforcement Acts

Later today the Illinois DREAM Act (SB2185) will go to committee for a vote. If passed it could be voted in the House floor as early as tomorrow. Tell your state representative to support the Illinois DREAM Act!

Action Alert: Rally for Fair Legislation for New Americans – SATURDAY

Join CAIR-Chicago and other organizations as we participate in the New Americans Rally on Saturday, April 30th. This is an event that is taking place statewide and a part of the “One Nation, One Dream” Agenda.

ACTION ALERT: Call Senator Kirk About DREAM Act Vote – NOW!

The DREAM Act is finally being put to a vote in the Senate TOMORROW, and it’s going to be a very close vote.

Our IL. Senator, Mark Kirk, is saying he will vote NO on the bill. That is why you must contact him and demand he do what is right for America. Demand that he vote YES.

ICIRR Hosts Planning Meeting for Deportations 101 Conference

The Illinois Coalition on Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) is hosting a planning meeting for the upcoming Deportations 101 Conference. At this meeting, the ICIRR will provide logistical details, offer a forum for feedback on strategies and the conference curriculum, discuss the latest government policies and issues facing affected families, as well as a discussion of strategies to use the conference as an advocacy and organizing tool.

CAIR-Chicago Attends Candidate Forum for Illinois Governor and U.S. Senate

October 16th marked Immigration Democracy Day for voters and volunteers. Asian, Latino, Polish, Muslim residents and their supporters learned about political participation, heard from their future leaders, and finally, put knowledge into action by early voting.

Action Alert: Join CAIR-Chicago and ICIRR for Immigrant Democracy Day

The immigrant community is at a crucial crossroads in Illinois. This year we will elect a new Governor and Senator to our state- two offices that have very important authority over immigration and fiscal resources for the immigrant community. Join us for Immigrant Democracy Day and cast your early vote!