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VIDEO: ABC 7 – CAIR-Chicago, interfaith community address Rep. Joe Walsh

CAIR-Chicago and the Chicago interfaith community demand that Congressman Joe Walsh retract his statement that Muslims are a ‘real threat’ to the US.

VIDEO: WGN 9 – CAIR-Chicago holds press conference to address Rep. Joe Walsh

WGN 9 TV news at 5 reports on CAIR-Chicago’s press conference to address Rep. Joe Walsh’s anti-Muslim remarks.

VIDEO: CBS 2 – CAIR-Chicago and interfaith community respond to Rep. Joe Walsh

CBS 2 reports on CAIR-Chicago’s interfaitrh press conference on Rep. Joe Walsh’s anti-Muslim remarks. CAIR-Chicago’s Executive Director, Ahmed Rehab, is interviewed.

VIDEO: CLTV – Ahmed Rehab addresses Rep. Joe Walsh’s comments

Executive Director of CAIR-Chicago, Ahmed Rehab, responds to Rep. Joe Walsh’s anti-Muslim statements on Politics Tonight.

VIDEO: WGN 9 – CAIR-Chicago responds to Rep. Joe Walsh

CAIR-Chicago responds to US Republican congressman from Illinois, Joe Walsh, who tells a town hall meeting that Muslims are a ‘real threat’.

Chicagoist: Joe Walsh Manages Two Racially Insenstive Remarks In One Week

Rep. Joe Walsh once again managed to make several racially offensive statements this week, offending both Muslims and African Americans.

Daily Herald: CAIR blasts Walsh for ‘bigoted’ comments

Controversy over comments about “radical Islam” sprouting up in the suburbs is one political fire that’s showing no signs of being doused for Congressman Joe Walsh.

WGN TV: Islamic, Interfaith group respond to Walsh’s controversial comments

The Muslim Community is responding to comments made by Congressman Joe Walsh (R) that they say are outrageous and reinforce racial stereotypes.

Daily Herald: Suburban Muslims say they’re becoming “punching bag” for GOP

Suburban Muslims are refuting claims made by Congressman Joe Walsh about the growth of “radical Islam” in the suburbs, saying instead that their religion is increasingly becoming a “punching bag” for Republicans.

Huffington Post: Joe Walsh – Muslims In America, Radical Islam ‘A Threat’ More Now Than After 9/11

Walsh’s most recent self-admittedly politically incorrect statements have outraged the state’s Muslim communities, who say he’s directing hate speech at a minority group.