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ABC 7: Chicago Area Muslims React to IL Gov.’s Comments Regarding “Ground Zero Mosque”

CAIR-Chicago representatives along with other local leaders held a press conference to discuss their disappointment with recent comments by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn regarding the “Ground Zero” mosque controversy.

WGN: CAIR-Chicago, Muslim Leaders Discuss “Ground Zero Mosque” and Opposition to Mosques Nationwide

CAIR-Chicago representatives and local Muslim leaders discussed their disappointment in IL Gov. Pat Quinn’s comments regarding the New York mosque controversy and their concern that a growing anti-Muslim network is spreading Islamophobia through fear mongering. They also shared examples of other mosques around the country that are facing opposition, including one in Naperville which CAIR-Chicago is currently litigating on behalf of.

Press Conference: Local Muslims React to Gov. Quinn, Mosque Controversy

Local leaders will discuss their concern that a calculated campaign of Islamophobia and fear mongering have influenced public officials and misinformed the general public. The coalition will discuss opposition to mosques including in Illinois, rising levels of anti-Muslim bigotry and hate crimes.

Glen Ellyn Sun: A new look at faith group zoning rules

A measure that could streamline the process of establishing places of worship and other forms of assembly in unincorporated DuPage County is heading to the zoning panel that recently has taken up two zoning proposals from Islamic groups.

Naperville Sun: Documents piling up in Irshad case

CAIR-Chicago Staff Attorney Kevin Vodak talks to the Naperville Sun about recent developments in the Irshad Learning Center’s lawsuit against Dupage County.

CAIR-Chicago at ISNA Convention: July 2-5

CAIR-Chicago will be taking part in two lectures this weekend at the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) convention. The convention is the largest annual gathering of Muslims in North America; over 30,000 people are expected to attend this year.

Naperville Sun: Keeping the faith

The Naperville Sun’s Susan Carlman illustrates a regular day for congregants at the Irshad Learning Center. The ILC recently made headlines when the DuPage County Board rejected their request for a zoning permit to build an Islamic School. CAIR-Chicago is suing DuPage county on the ILC’s behalf.

Naperville Sun: Rejected Muslim Center Plan Still Alive In Courts

[CAIR-Chicago Staff Attorney Kevin Vodak] said the group followed proper procedures over the 17 months of meetings and hearings that preceded his office being retained.

“Throughout the process, they were attempting to provide (concessions) in the hope of appeasing the neighbors,” Vodak said. “They expended a lot of effort and funds trying to get that done.”

Chicago Tribune: Islamic center suing DuPage board

The Council on American-Islamic Relations filed the suit in federal court in Chicago on behalf of the Irshad Learning Center, which had been proposed for a 2.91-acre site on 75th Street between Wehrli Road and Naper Boulevard in an unincorporated area near Naperville.

Naperville Sun: American-Islamic group sues officials

CAIR-Chicago Staff Attorney Kevin Vodak maintains that Irshad was treated differently than not only other religious institutions, but many secular institutions as well.

“DuPage County needs to be held accountable for this violation of state and federal law,” Vodak said.

Vodak indicated that comments made by ZBA members and protesters at County Board meetings left no doubt in his mind that religious bigotry played a part in denying Irshad the conditional permit it sought.