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Press Release: CAIR-Chicago Urges Support for DuPage County Mosques Seeking Permits

“There is a large and growing number of Muslim families who live, work, and pay taxes in DuPage County yet are being denied the same right as their neighbors to establish institutions to accommodate their religious and community needs,” said Ahmed Rehab.

Chicago Tribune: DuPage zoning board rejects mosque request

The DuPage County Zoning Board of Appeals voted 5-2 to reject the petition by the Muslim Educational Cultural Center of America (MECCA).

Last year, CAIR-Chicago filed a federal lawsuit against the county, alleging discrimination in the rejection of a zoning proposal for an Islamic educational center and place of worship near Naperville.

Chicago Tribune: A Silver Lining to Egypt’s Dark Cloud

Ahmed Rehab, CAIR-Chicago Executive Director, discusses the tragic bombing of a Coptic church in Egypt and the strong response of everyday Egyptians – Muslims and Copts.

CAIR-Chicago commends sentence for man who threatened lllinois mosque

“We appreciate Judge Bernthal’s bold and principled decision and his acknowledgment that such threats are acts of terror,” said CAIR-Chicago Communications Coordinator Amina Sharif. “We hope this sends a clear message to Islamophobes who try to threaten and intimidate Muslim Americans – that we will not live in fear.”

Medill Reports: Muslim civil rights group among those suspicious of DuPage zoning proposal

“Muslims are kind of the new kids on the block in DuPage and they are going to face the highest burden in having to go to commercial areas, buy more expensive land, create larger developments and be completely away from their neighbors,” Vodak said.

FOX Business: Ahmed Rehab debates Islamophobe Pamela Geller on Park51

Ahmed Rehab deconstructs Pamela Geller’s fear mongering misinformation campaign against the Park51 community center in New York and exposes her anti-Muslim bigotry.

Action Alert: Challenge DuPage County’s Proposal to Restrict Religious Land Use

DuPage County is on the verge of passing sweeping restrictive zoning and land use ordinances which will have an adverse impact on all religious institutions.

Here are some of the proposed changes and what you can do to challenge them.

Press Release: Chicago Muslims Condemn Vandalism of Local Synagogue

“The reprehensible attack against this Jewish congregation is an insult to all of us,” said Ahmed Rehab, executive director of CAIR-Chicago. “An attack against one house of worship is an attack against every house of worship.”

FOX News: Ahmed Rehab Debates Whether America is Islamophobic

Ahmed Rehab debates guests on Fox Business’ Money Rocks regarding the rise of Islamophobia in America as seen by recent attacks against several mosques. Rehab and conservative commentator Bo Dietel also debate the merits of building a mosque in lower Manhattan, near Ground Zero.

Christian Science Monitor: Mosque debate: Behind America’s anxiety over Islam

“The fear is that Muslims cannot take their place in American life without harassment or subjugation or being seen as being involved with some conspiracy theory,” says Ahmed Rehab of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

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