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MSNBC: Ahmed Rehab Discusses Stabbing of Muslim Cab Driver in NYC and Anti-Muslim Propaganda

Ahmed Rehab, CAIR-Chicago Executive Director, discusses the stabbing of a Muslim cab driver in NYC whose attacker first asked “are you Muslim?”. Rehab also talks about the danger of anti-Muslim propaganda driven by Islamophobes opposed to Park 51, the proposed Muslim community center near Ground Zero.

Action Alert: Stop DuPage County from Banning Religious Institutions

DuPage County zoning officials are proposing amendments to the Zoning Ordinance which would ban any new religious institutions in residential areas.
This proposal follows CAIR-Chicago’s lawsuit on behalf of Irshad Learning Center (ILC), which was denied a special use permit to conduct religious educational classes and worship services at a property previously owned by a private day care center.

Action Alert: Thank Sen. Durbin for Supporting Religious Freedoms

CAIR-Chicago, CIOGC are asking the Illinois Muslim community and all Illinois citizens to thank IL Senator Dick Durbin for taking a bold and uncompromising stance supporting the core principles of this country.

Yesterday, Senator Durbin issued a statement in support of Park51, the proposed mosque in lower Manhattan. Durbin said that politicians like Palin and Gingrich who are opposed to the mosque are trying to divide the country with fear and hate.

Chicago Tribune: DuPage County to consider controversial zoning change

“Given the situation with ground zero (in New York), there’s a growing trend by various right-wing organizations to vilify Islamic organizations, and I don’t think we can take that away from what’s happening in DuPage County,” said Kevin Vodak, an attorney for the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Glen Ellyn Sun: A new look at faith group zoning rules

A measure that could streamline the process of establishing places of worship and other forms of assembly in unincorporated DuPage County is heading to the zoning panel that recently has taken up two zoning proposals from Islamic groups.

Naperville Sun: Documents piling up in Irshad case

CAIR-Chicago Staff Attorney Kevin Vodak talks to the Naperville Sun about recent developments in the Irshad Learning Center’s lawsuit against Dupage County.

Huffington Post, Ahmed Rehab: A Tale of Two Terrors: Times Square vs. Jacksonville

CAIR-Chicago Executive Director discusses our news media’s double standards when it comes to covering different acts of terrorism. Rehab compares the media’s response to the May 10th bombing of a Florida mosque, an act of domestic terrorism, and the attempted bombing in Times Square.

Naperville Sun: Rejected Muslim Center Plan Still Alive In Courts

[CAIR-Chicago Staff Attorney Kevin Vodak] said the group followed proper procedures over the 17 months of meetings and hearings that preceded his office being retained.

“Throughout the process, they were attempting to provide (concessions) in the hope of appeasing the neighbors,” Vodak said. “They expended a lot of effort and funds trying to get that done.”

Sun-Times: We have little to fear but ignorance

Why do Westerners succumb to anti-Muslim fear? It’s a natural reflex — certainly what terrorists expect when they claim their acts are in the name of Islam. They want to drive a wedge between the cultures, lest a harmonious blending undercut their extremism and deprive them of the enemy they crave. It’s a partnership, the terrorists and the fear-mongers, working in harmony and tacit agreement.

Muslims fight negative perceptions of Islam with strong words and quiet actions

Amina Sharif, spokeswoman for the American-Islamic council, said she was unsure why this most recent fatwa, or religious ruling, has received so much attention. While she thinks it is important for community members to be outspoken in their disapproval of violence, she said it is only half the battle. “We can condemn terrorism every day in our mosques,” Sharif said. “But if no one’s communicating that to the public it’s not happening.”

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