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Press Release: IL Official Apologizes for Using Fake ‘Mosque’ in Drill

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today thanked an Illinois law enforcement official who apologized for using a fake “mosque” in a recent emergency preparedness drill.

American Muslim Perspective: Mock attack on the fake mosque in Illinois sends a wrong message

“The use of a fake ‘mosque’ in this type of drill sends the wrong message to law enforcement officials who may now view mainstream institutions, such as Islamic houses of worship, as potential security threats,” according to Ahmed Rehab, executive director of CAIR-Chicago. “Officials must be trained in dealing with hostage-taking and responding to chemical, biological or bomb attacks. We are only questioning the wisdom of linking the American Muslim community and its institutions to such incidents.”

CNS News: Storming of Illinois ‘Mosque’ Sends Wrong Message, Islamic Group Says

As part of a recent emergency preparedness drill in south-central Illinois, law enforcement personnel stormed a “mosque” where radical gunman were holding hostages.

Press Release: CAIR: Storming of Illinois ‘Mosque’ Sends Wrong Message

A prominent national Islamic civil rights and advocacy group today said an emergency preparedness drill in Illinois, in which a fake “mosque” was stormed by law enforcement authorities, sends the “wrong message” that all Islamic houses of worship may be potential security threats.

The Economist: Constructing conflict: The politics of mosque-building

In many Western cities, plans to erect mosques often stir more passion than any other local issue—and politicians are leaping into the fray

CAIR-Chicago Assists Local Muslim Community in Addressing “No-Parking” Regulations Targeting Muslims Attending Friday Prayer Services

The Muslim community of a local suburb was outraged at their village’s decision to enact “No Parking” signs in a residential area near the mosque they attend. The signs would have prohibited parking in the area on Fridays from 12-3pm.

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Chicago Tribune: Mosque raises hopes for real estate boom

For more than a decade, Mohammed Alqadhi watched the Mosque Foundation transform a slice of Bridgeview into a thriving Muslim enclave as families in search of an Islamic place to pray bought up the modest homes around the green-domed house of worship.

Southwest Daily Herald: Feds Secretly Search Mosques

Federal officials have admitted that air monitoring has been secretly made on several residential homes and Muslim sites in Illinois since the 9/11 attacks.

Chicago Tribune: Restaurant, Mosque Near Loop Defaced

A Greektown mosque and restaurant was vandalized during the weekend, leaving worshipers wondering why their house of worship was targeted.

Herald Dispatch: Muslims View Terror as Their Enemy Also

Those who portray terrorism as an “Islamic” phenomenon should pay more attention to current events. On Nov. 18, terrorists targeted worshippers at two Iraqi mosques, murdering more than 70 innocent Muslims.

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