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MEDIA DIGEST: CAIR-Chicago Reflects on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11

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CLTV: Muslims gather to honor victims of 9/11, discuss how to move forward

The Chicago Office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations hopes Americans can move forward 10 years after the 9/11 attacks. Representatives including Muslims, Christians, and Jews say its time to quit feeding into fear and embrace the principles America was founded on.

ABC 7: Muslims, religious leaders honor 9/11, discuss principles of religious tolerance and pluralism

Muslim, Jewish and Christians leaders gathered to honor the victims of 9/11 and to address the increase in anti-Muslim discrimination post-9/11.

NBC 5: Muslims reflect on the tragic events of 9/11, call for country to move forward together

Members of the Council on American-Islamic Relations joined leaders from different faiths and backgrounds to reflect on 9/11 and call for an end to the fear and discrimination against the Muslim community in the wake of those attacks.

CBS 2: Ahmed Rehab Discusses Islamophobia Post 9/11 and How to Move Forward

Ahmed Rehab, Executive Director of the Chicago office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, joins CBS 2’s Jim Williams to talk about the effect of 9/11 on American Muslims