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Understanding modesty – a look at Muslim women

While the misperception that hijab is oppressive to Muslim women exists, the true meaning of hijab suggests the opposite. Hijab is widely deemed as liberating to Muslim women – freeing them from the objectification of their bodies.

Myths and Realities about Muslim Women: Part I

While negative stereotypes of Muslim women are perpetuated through the media, it becomes important to challenge them. This article is the first in a two-part series that dispels common myths that skew the public’s perception of Muslim women.

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Dutch government moves closer to banning the niqab and burqa

In a controversial legal step taken by the Dutch Parliament, the Cabinet has proposed to pass legislation that bans the traditional Muslim garments, the niqab and burqa, by 2013.

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Charting Islamophobia: Banning the Niqab

Communications Intern Noor Salahuddin discusses whether lawmakers around the world should have the right to decide what kind of religious dress, if any, should be allowed in public places.

France Burqa Ban Misses the Point

“Far from a victory in the fight for women’s rights, France’s ban of the burqa, the head-to-toe covering worn by some Muslim women, is a red herring, a deflection, and a blow for free societies everywhere,” writes Christina Abraham, CAIR-Chicago’s Civil Rights Director.

NBC 5: Muslim Woman Denied Ride on Greyhound Bus Because of her Clothing

CAIR-Chicago is advocating on behalf of Jacqueline Pasha, a Muslim woman who was not allowed to ride a Greyhound bus because of her face veil, or niqab. CAIR-Chicago’s Communications Coordinator discusses the case with NBC’s Natalie Martinez.

FOX-News Radio: Rehab – Sarkozy Denies Personal Freedoms by Condemning the Burqa

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CAIR-Chicago Resolves Complaint of Discrimination Against a Local University

Maaria Mozaffar, CAIR-Chicago’s Legal Advisor met with several representatives from a local university, including the Head of the Chemistry Department, faculty members of the Department, the Dean of Students and members of the Office of Equity and Access to resolve an issue of discrimination involving a Muslim undergraduate student.