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Peter King: On the wrong side of history

Although the hysteria regarding Peter King’s hearings has died down, the Rep. from New York still poses a threat to the American Muslim community.

Why the American Muslim community should be concerned about Zuhdi Jasser

Zuhdi Jasser claims to be a reliable representative of the American Muslim community, but a closer look tells us he is very far from it.

NYPD Surveillance: Unconstitutional and Un-American

The details of the NYPD’s surveillance program of American-Muslim communities have surfaced and prove its unconstitutionality.

Fox News, O’Reilly Factor: Ahmed Rehab responds to NYPD spying on Muslims

CAIR-Chicago Executive Director, Ahmed Rehab, discusses the NYPD surveillance of Muslims in New York and New Jersey on “The O’Reilly Factor”.

NYPD spying ignites discrimination and inequality for Muslims

Muslims continue to be the target of hate, fear, and racism causing them to become victims of acts of blatant discrimination and inequality. Muslims have encountered spying, being singled out, and have been deprived their freedom of speech.

Guilty by Activism: Knowing your rights

CAIR-Chicago’s recent event on FBI repression featured Michael Deutsch – litigator at the People’s Law Office, Hatem Abudayyeh – Executive Director of Arab American Action Network and leading Palestinian rights activist, and Kevin Vodak CAIR-Chicago’s head litigator.

The impact of surveillance programs on the American-Muslim community

A feeling of suspicion has swept over American-Muslims, leaving some distrustful of others in their own community.

WBEZ: McCarthy publicly reassures Muslims

McCarthy is the first Chicago Police Superintendent to have attended a CAIR-Chicago annual banquet, according to CAIR-Chicago Executive Director Ahmed Rehab. Rehab said even if McCarthy knew of the spying effort in Newark, he believes that McCarthy did not intend to target Muslims maliciously.

Huffington Post: Garry McCarthy, Chicago Police Chief, Pledges No NYPD-Esque Spying On Muslims

For the first time in public, Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy promised his department will never conduct blanket surveillance of Muslims like the New York Police Department did in Newark, N.J., when he was chief there.

Chicago Now: My Enormous Respect for Garry McCarthy

Hesham Hassaballa comments on his great experience at CAIR-Chicago’s 8th annual banquet on Saturday, March 3rd.