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Chicago Tribune: Obama’s Cairo Speech Inspires Hope Among Chicago Muslims

Muslims in the Chicago area say President Barack Obama’s speech could revolutionize the relationship between the U.S. and Muslims in the Arab world.

Chicago Tribune: Obama speech in Cairo pleases American Muslims

He opened with greetings of gratitude and peace — “Shukran” and “As-Salaam-Alaikum.” From there, President Barack Obama set out to build a bridge between a nation born out of revolution and a faith born out of revelation.

Agence France Presse: US Muslims greet Obama speech with hope, relief

For eight years, US Muslims cringed at the rhetoric coming out of the White House and the divisions created at home and abroad by terms like “Islamo-fascism” and “Islamic terrorists.”

WGN: American Muslim Reacts To Obama’s Speech

President Obama’s historic speech in Cairo, Egypt today was greeted by praise in the Muslim world.

CLTV News: Local reactions to Obama’s speech

CLTV News visit the CAIR-Chicago office while staff watch Obama’s historic adress in Cairo. Regina Waldroup gets reactions from the viewers afterwards.

CAIR-Chicago: Rehab Discusses Obama’s Historic Address in Cairo (LISTEN)

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NBC 5 News: Obama’s Speech to Muslims

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ABC-7: Message to Muslims

Obama said the United States is committed to working in partnership with the Middle East, and Americans and Muslims together could confront violent extremist across the world, thus advancing the search for peace in the Middle East.

Le Journal du Dimanche: Obama à la conquête de l’islam

Jeudi au Caire, Barack Obama doit prononcer un discours historique sur les relations avec le monde musulman. Aucun homme d’Etat occidental n’est plus proche, intimement, de cette religion.

ABC 7 News: Intense process for Obama White House hopefuls

In a move that’s been expected since the election, President-elect Barack Obama resigned his Senate seat, effective on Sunday.