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CAIR-Chicago Chairman at “Peace: Our Hope” Meeting with Pope Benedict

150 religious leaders representing 5 faiths, including 35 Muslim leaders, met with Pope Benedict XVI during an interfaith dinner, which CAIR-Chicago hopes will mark improved bridge-building and tolerance between the world’s two largest faith communities.

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NBC 5 News: Executive Director Comments on the Pope’s Visit (TRANSCRIPT/VIDEO)

Warner Saunders: The Pontiff is trying to bridge cultural and religious gaps he’s also trying to diffuse tensions. NBC 5’s Charlie Wojciechowski has reactions from religious leaders right here.

Chicago Sun Times: Visiting Muslim leader: pope’s speech improper

In one fell swoop, Pope Benedict XVI imploded bridges built by his predecessors with his recent remarks that sparked fury across the Muslim world, one of the world’s top Muslim leaders said here Saturday.

NBC 5: Uneasiness Over Pope’s Remarks Felt In Chicago

CHICAGO — It’s the comment heard around the world, and Pope Benedict XVI’s quote about Muslims is prompting protests and even violence in some areas.