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CAIR-Chicago Settles Discrimination Complaint of Muslim CTA Employee

A Muslim CTA employee contacted CAIR-Chicago for representation after being repeatedly passed up for promotion.

Settlement Reached for Wrongfully Fired Muslim Woman

CAIR-Chicago recently settled a discrimination suit in favor of a Muslim woman fired for not attending an annual company event.

EEOC Says Neb. Muslim Workers Faced ‘Unlawful Harassment’

(CHICAGO, IL, 8/28/09) The Chicago office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Chicago) today announced that the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has determined that Somali Muslim employees at a meatpacking plant in Nebraska faced “unlawful harassment” because of their religion.

Attorneys Kevin Vodak and Rima Kapitan Settle Two Headscarf Related Discrimination Cases

CAIR-Chicago attorneys Kevin Vodak and Rima Kapitan settled two employment discrimination cases last month involving Muslim women and their right to wear the traditional headscarf, also known as the hijab.

ABC 7, Denver News: Former Swift Workers Seek Help Council on American-Islamic Relations Steps in

A group of the more than 120 Muslim employees fired last week at the Swift plant in Greeley met with an attorney representing the Council on American-Islamic RelationsWednesday, hoping that the advocacy group can help them find a resolution.

Greeley Tribune: CAIR lawyer talks with fired Swift workers

Rima Kapitan, with CAIR’s Chicago office, on Wednesday met with Muslim workers recently fired by JBS Swift. She said CAIR is coordinating with an attorney retained by about 60 of the fired workers.

Rocky Mountain News: Attorney: Group has Talked with Greeley Plant for Year about Breaks for Muslims

A volunteer attorney with the Council on American-Islamic Relations said Wednesday thatCAIR has been negotiating for a year with JBS Swift & Co. about break times for Muslim workers.

Islam Online: US Muslim Women Attorneys

CAIRO — Coming from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, a group of American Muslim women are forming the country’s first only-women law firm to dispel stereotypes about Muslim women.

“They are defeating stereotypes on multiple levels,” Ahmed Rehab, executive director of theChicago office of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), told the Chicago Tribune on Friday, August 1.

Chicago Tribune: Muslim Women’s Law Firm Breaks Down Stereotypes

In what may be the nation’s only law firm composed solely of Muslim women, the attorneys represent the ethnic and religious diversity within the Islamic faith: Some cover their hair, some don’t. Some are Sunni; others are Shiite, and at least one is happy to be secular.

CAIR-Chicago Represents Muslim Woman in Employment Discrimination Case

CAIR-Chicago Volunteer Attorney Rima Kapitan, a partner at Amal Law Group, represented a Muslim woman at a status hearing regarding her employment discrimination complaint.