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Huffington Post: Why Racial Profiling Makes for Dumb Security

After Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab slipped by airport security only to be stopped thanks to the vigilance of fellow passengers, a debate on the effectiveness of airport security and counter-terrorism intelligence is no doubt in order. But trying to fix a problem without actually fixing the problem is misguided. Trying to fix it by introducing a new problem is dumb. This guy seemed to have left every clue short of raise his hand and proclaim, “Arrest me, I am a terrorist!”

Ahmed Rehab Talks to WGN’s John Williams about Misconceptions of Islam

“I would love the opportunity to talk about my faith proactively when there isn’t something terrible happening. And everyday, good things are going on, but the one day that something bad happens, that’s when people become interested in our faith and that is troublesome,” said Ahmed Rehab, CAIR-Chicago Executive Director.

Fanatic, or terrorist?

I was surprised that your article on Jose Flores, who described himself as a Christian priest after hijacking a jetliner, does not call Flores a terrorist (“Police nab jet hijacker in Mexico,” Sept. 10, 2009).

Huffington Post: Islam not to blame for Bronx terror plot

Say what you will about the recently exposed Bronx Terror Plot, but please, do not insult our intelligence (and your own) by weaving fantasy scenarios of how Islam is somehow to blame for criminalizing the terror suspects who were already career criminals long before their conversions — and who displayed only a rudimentary understanding of Islam thereafter.

FOX-News: CAIR-Chicago Reacts to Glasgow Airport Attack (VIDEO)

Commenting on the recent Glasgow Airport attack, CAIR-Chicago Executive Director, Ahmed Rehab, condemns terrorism and fears backlash against Muslims.

CAIR-Chicago Civil Rights Coordinator Speaks on Panel at Columbia College

CAIR-Chicago Civil Rights Coordinator Christina Abraham spoke on a panel at Columbia College in Chicago, addressing the students of a course entitled “Human Rights: History, Ideology and Spin

Purple Politics Convolute the Issue

Dennis Byrne’s assessment of the National Intelligence Estimate in his article, “Terror-report fight misses the big picture” (October 2, 2006), seeks to distort reality in an effort to maintain a failed policy.

Chicago Tribune: We don’t need to live with fear

I disagree with Tribune staff reporter Rex W. Huppke’s characterization of terrorism as a new and increasing threat in “Fear of terrorism as a fact of life; Americans have learned to deal with their worries about crime, but they have yet to adjust to a world where terror is an enduring threat” (Perspective, June 25).

Americans Need Not Live in Fear

I disagree with Rex W. Huppke’s characterization of terrorism as a new and increasing threat in his piece “Fear of terrorism as a fact of life” (Perspective, June 25). The attacks of September 11, 2001 did not represent a fundamental change in the dangers Americans face; rather it reminded them of a threat that has always been present. This threat of terrorism is, and always has been minute.

Chicago Sun-Times: Chicagoan behind terror scheme

A former Chicago man who once drove a FedEx truck here and whose parents and siblings were Baptist preachers was identified Friday by prosecutors as the ringleader of an alleged plot to blow up the Sears Tower for al-Qaida and “kill all the devils we can.”

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