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North by Northwestern: Behind the My Jihad campaign

On the Feb. 7 edition of Hannity, conservative pundit and show host Sean Hannity raised concerns over allegedly controversial comments made by CIA Director nominee John Brennan in 2009.

Gerald Hankerson and Amina Sharif Present at Northwestern University

Gerald Hankerson, CAIR-Chicago’s Outreach Coordinator, and Amina Sharif, the Communications Coordinator, presented to a religion and culture class at Northwestern University on Thursday, April 21. The two discussed the role race and ethnicity play in the American Muslim experience.

Survey proves bias stem from ignorance

Thank you for printing your Sept. 10 article “Survey: Muslims face a lot of bias,” featuring a Pew Research Center study on growing tolerance by Americans toward Muslims. This piece brings awareness to the fact that Muslims all over America have often been victims of discrimination.

Chicago Tribune: Thoroughly modern Muslims

While most Muslim Americans overwhelmingly condemn suicide bombings and other forms of Islamic extremism, according to an unprecedented poll unveiled today, 13 percent of Muslim youth endorse suicide bombings as an acceptable way to defend their religion in certain circumstances.

Daily Herald: Tolerance Takes A Hit

“Are you Yaser Tabbara?” the man on the other end of the phone wanted to know.

Tolerance Takes a Hit

Dear Ms. Burnett,

I received yet another call today.

“Are you Yaser Tabbara?”

Here we go again I thought.

Muslim-Jewish Relations

I read with great interest your article entitled “How to Deal with American Muslims” (The Jewish Week, 09/10/04). The same points could have been made by an American Muslim asking how we should deal with American Jews. How ironic is it that our differences are so similar. In a way, that comforts me. There is hope.