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WBEZ covers Taste of Ramadan!

Listen to CAIR-Chicago Outreach and Government Affairs Coordinator Gerald Hankerson discuss the success of CAIR-Chicago’s 5th Annual “Taste of Ramadan,” which occurred on July 17,2013, and the tradition of Ramadan on WBEZ.

WBEZ 91.5: Executive Director Ahmed Rehab blasts a racist greeting card [AUDIO]

Listen to CAIR-Chicago’s Executive Director Ahmed Rehab on WBEZ discuss a greeting card that portrays a Muslim doll as a terrorist.

WBEZ 91.5: Ahmed Rehab urges caution when discussing Chechen suspects [AUDIO]

In this hour-long radio interview, Ahmed Rehab joins WBEZ staff to discuss reactions to the Boston Marathon bombings.

WBEZ, Worldview: Ahmed Rehab discusses political unrest and violence in Egypt

On Sunday, President Mohamed Morsi declared a state of emergency and deployed the army to several cities to control the violence, which has left at least 50 people dead. Ahmed Rehab, executive director of CAIR-Chicago joins Jerome McDonnell on Worldview to discuss the latest political unrest.

WBEZ, Worldview: Ahmed Rehab on the politics behind Egypt’s possible IMF loan

Ahmed Rehab discusses the political implications behind Egypt’s possible International Monetary Fund loan in addition to the status of the recent #MyJihad public education campaign.

WBEZ, Worldview: Ahmed Rehab on the continuing Egyptian crisis

Ahmed Rehab discusses Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi’s new deal with the country’s top judicial authorities that would limit the scope of the self-appointed powers he’d taken last week. Morsi’s power grab had set off a series of violent protests in Egypt over the last few days.

WBEZ: Provocative anti-Jihad ad appears on CTA buses

Ahmed Rehab, CAIR-Chicago Executive Director, gives a statement to WBEZ about the upcoming Jihad ads by AFDI to be placed on CTA buses, and on the launching of the “My Jihad” nationwide ad campaign.

MEDIA DIGEST: CAIR-Chicago responds to attacks in Libya, protests, and anti-Muslim bigotry

CAIR-Chicago representatives speak to media, engage in forums and hold events in response to attacks in Libya, protests, and anti-Muslim bigotry.

WBEZ, Worldview: Ahmed Rehab and Laith Saud talk about Muslim film protest violence

Ahmed Rehab and Laith Saud speak to WBEZ’s Worldview about the violence and anti-American protests throughout the Muslim world that has resulted from an amateur anti-Muslim film.

WBEZ: Islamic rights group sounds alarm over grave desecration

Ahmed Rehab, CAIR-Chicago Executive Director, speaks to WBEZ’s Odette Yousef about the desecration of a Muslim man’s grave in Evergreen Park, Ill.

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