Asylum Project


Since 2014, CAIR-Chicago has been actively involved in applying for asylum for its eligible clients. Due to the violence and repression and continued strife in many Muslim countries, there continues to be an increased number of Muslims seeking asylum in the United States, particularly from Middle Eastern countries. The Civil Rights Department currently has more than a dozen affirmative asylum applications pending before the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The asylum clients (mostly from Syria and Egypt) include students, physicians, professors, and activists.

As part of the Asylum Project, in addition to preparing them for their interview, the Department also helps these clients file their applications for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and employment authorization documents (EAD cards). CAIR-Chicago has also assisted a number of immigrants seeking Legal Permanent Residency status (Green Cards) and grants of citizenship whose applications have been delayed in processing or have not been acted upon in a reasonable time.

CAIR-Chicago works with the U.S. Immigration Service administratively to determine where the application is in the process and what can be done to remove any remaining obstacles to its approval, and files suit against the government when necessary to obtain relief for clients.