Urgent - Please Take 2 Minutes for Free Muslim TV

Dear Friends: Please take just 2 minutes to contact Comcast Cable via www.comcast-Islamophobia.com

In the Midwest, Comcast Cable is charging $180 a year for Bridges TV. And in Chicago Comcast is refusing to carry Bridges TV on basic cable. Fortunately, Muslim TV is FREE on basic cable in Chicago on:

WOW Cable & Internet: 866.496.9669 Globecast Satellite: 888.988.5288

Please ask Comcast Cable to add FREE Bridges TV by May 15th. A historic FBI & Muslim Town Hall meeting will take place on Muslim TV on May 15th. Bridges TV is educating and informing America about the Muslim World and American Muslims 24x7 in English.

Please do NOT let the Islamophobia at Comcast silence our Voice. We urgently need a TV network next to CNN and FOX that can present the Muslim / Arab prespective in English on issues from Danish cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to Dubai Ports.

Please take TWO MINUTES to contact Comcast at www.comcast-Islamophobia.com and call 248.233.4728 / 248.233.4735

In these times of confusion and misinformation, working to build bridges of understanding is a most worthwhile endeavor.

Ahmed Rehab Executive Director, CAIR-Chicago

- END -