Noor Salahuddin Discusses the Republican Presidential Candidates' Political Positions



Communications Intern, Noor Salahuddin discusses GOP Republican candidates' political positions.


*Note: Herman Cain dropped out a week after this vlog was made


Romney: • Not comfortable with Muslims serving in his cabinet

Perry: • In 2008 Perry helped expand “Muslim Histories and Culture Project,” a teacher’s training program in Texas

Bachmann: • “Not all cultures are equal. Not all values are equal.”—About French Muslims

Santorum: • Sharia law is an “existential threat to America”

Cain: • Believes Muslims are not loyal enough to serve in his cabinet • Claims to have been told that most Muslims are extremists • Relieved that his doctor is an Arab Christian instead of a Muslim

Paul: • Believes Islam is not responsible for terrorism • Supported Islamic Cultural Center near ground zero

Gingrich: • Wants to ban Sharia law in courts in any jurisdiction in the United States


Romney: • Wants to cut funding by $500 million annually in aid to Palestine • Believes the U.S. should re-evaluate its relationship with countries voting for Palestinian recognition

Perry: • Believes that the land given to Israel is “ordained by God”

Bachmann: • Calls herself a staunch ally and friend of Israel • Believes that the continued threat of Islamic terrorism justified the continued American military presence in Iraq

Santorum: • “Islamic fascism rooted in Iran is behind much of the country’s conflict” • Opposed to military action against Iran • Defended the treatment of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay • Against allowing Palestine access to the U.N.

Cain: • Doesn’t agree with Obama that the starting point for talks between Palestine and Israel should be the 1967 mutually agreed upon land swaps

Gingrich: • Calls for a stronger foreign policy • Critical of recent administration policies • Calls Obama’s response to terrorism as “particularly problematic”

*Additional Gingrich slide • Describes Palestinians as an "invented" people and "terrorists.”

Paul: • Calls for the withdrawal from the United Nations and NATO • Endorses free trade • Calls Israel a “close friend” and advises the country not to meddle in Israel’s affairs • Pledged to never raise taxes


Romney: • Does not support in-state college tuition for children of illegal immigrants. • Supports E-verify • Supports a border fence between America and Mexico • Wants illegal immigrants to register with the government, pay taxes, and apply for citizenship

Perry: • Against border fence • Opposed to the DREAM Act • Supports in-state tuition for undocumented college students

Bachmann: • Against the DREAM Act • Against amnesty for illegal immigrants

Santorum: • Against amnesty for undocumented immigrants. • Supports a border barrier, more border patrol, and stationing National Guard troops • Believes that undocumented immigrants should be deported immediately for crimes • Believes that undocumented immigrants should not receive government benefits • English should be established as a national language in the United States

Cain: • Against amnesty

Paul: • Endorses increased border security. • Opposes amnesty, and birthright citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

Gingrich: • Tighter border control • Opposed to the mass deportation of illegal immigrants • Objects to some parts of the DREAM Act • English should be the national language in the United States.


Romney: • Wants health care “to work like a market” • Would issue wavers for all 50 states to opt-out of health care reform

Perry: • Suspicion surrounds Perry on his handling of Texas’ public pension funds.

Bachmann: • Opposes government-run health care

Santorum: • Against federal healthcare

Cain: • Wants to privatize Medicare

Paul: • Wants to eliminate federal involvement in healthcare

Gingrich: • Proposed an overhaul of the U.S. medical research system


Romney: • Abortion should be illegal • For gun ownership • Against gay marriage • Supports DADT • Against tax increases

Perry: • Against gay marriage • Doesn’t believe in global warming • Called social security “unconstitutional” • For DADT • Against tax increases

Bachmann: • Skeptical of global warming • Opposes Wall Street bailout bill • Supports teaching creationism in schools • Opposes minimum wage increases in Minnesota • Doesn’t want America to be a part of a global economy

Santorum: • Against DADT repeal • Against gay marriage • Pro-life

Cain: • Calls social security a scam • Pro-life; anti-abortion • Criticized welfare • Opposes No Child Left Behind

Paul: • Opposes welfare • Wants to revise DADT • Opposes the death penalty • Pledged to never raise taxes

Gingrich: • Supports rigorous math and science instruction in public schools • Supports public school prayer • Supports prison reform • Favors keeping federal and state taxes low • Believes entitlement programs (Medicaid, Social Security…etc.) are fiscally unsustainable